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By Anonymous - 06/08/2020 02:01

Today, my dad got upset when one of his employees showed a romantic interest in my mom. Both parents were totally fine, though, with that same employee announcing his engagement to my 15-year-old sister. FML
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Mathalamus 24


Looks like a new MILF **** is writing itself. Except they'll have to get an adult actress to play your sister. Working title: "Who's the"

Dude likes to keep it all in the family, even if he can’t seem to keep it in his pants.

He wants to bone your mom and your sister. So... what's wrong with you?

Mathalamus 24

The age of your sister’s now fiancé makes a huge difference - If he under 18 then he’s immature but not necessarily doing anything illegal. If he’s 18 or over, at least in the USA, then assuming he’s having sex with his fiancé then he’s committing a crime and your parents are avoiding their responsibilities as parents. The remark about your mom is icky and stupid, but not a crime.

Joe Trick 7

Is the employee under 18 if they are it’s cool but over 18 that’s jailbait haha

Sarah Yamabo 15

Wait is it in the US where one apparently can get the consent of a minor’s parents in order to be in a relationship with them?