By Abeille - 17/03/2011 00:50 - Canada

Today, I thought I'd take my little sister to the park. After getting bored of playing on the climbers, she thought it would be funny to throw some mud at me; too bad mud wasn’t the only chunky brown stuff on the ground. FML
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That's pretty crappy -- your sister's a real little shit. So, what was the brown chunky stuff?


maybe it was dry dog poo... not fresh... that would be much worse. fyl for having a sister that evil. you should trade her in for a nicer one.

"if you have any poo, fling it now".

I stepped in dog poop today if it makes you feel better now my moms car smells bad

did u punch her?

Really? Why do you ask each FML OP if they've punched something? You have issues; I suggest professional help.

You mean falcon punch her?!

i would get her back with revenge ... just saying.

30 faaallllccccooooonnnn punch!!

it's st Patrick day so pinch her

falcon kick works just as well, i hear. |the kid|

That's pretty crappy -- your sister's a real little shit. So, what was the brown chunky stuff?

chocolate fudge ... mmmm

Can I say it?... that was a shitty situation.

chocolate. 2nd hand chocolate.

it was a dildo... and it hit OP on the forehead.

are you guys all dense? did you not notice the numerous (and ridiculously clichéd) poop puns he made? |the kid|

Obviously it was brownies

choclate? 50 day rule! :D

Should've thrown it back. Just sayin.

no no u got it all wrong it was pudding

No you got it wrong! It was snickers!

happy peanuts soar, over chocolate covered mountain tops , and waterfalls of caramel... dancin nougat in the meadow, sings a song of satisfaction toooooooo the world. snickers song.

was the other brown chunky think a chocolate bar? I've been searching for it all day

Should have taken her to the ice cream store the first time she asked instead of the shitty park.

how,....disturbing. this reminds me of the time I was little, and I was rolling (yes,rolling) down the hills at the park, and I rolled over a pile of dog....dookie.

lol that's HIGHlarious