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Today, I have no cell phone reception as I am visiting family who lives on the side of a mountain. They told me there was service on top of the mountain, so I hiked up. Only when I got there did I realize I'd left my phone back down at the house. FML
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"Wer es nicht im Kopf hat, muss es in den Beinen haben" or in English: "Who doesn't use ones head, has to use ones legs"

it's not going to kill you to go a few hours without the phone. And if it does YDI for not bringing a first aid kid.


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but u have wifi?

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yikes #smh

drop-kick this fucker

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#1 she realised she forgot her phone when she got to the top of the mountain ... uhm where the hell did you get wifi from ?

@61 From the fact that she was able to post this FML.

I think he is he/she or just heshe is trying to say but yet you had wifi to post this on fml at that very moment...... and that makes 1 even more of a idiot

I believe what everyone calling #1 an idiot is trying to say is - you don't need wifi to post on FML. You can use any form of internet. OP also probably didn't walk up the mountain scream out "FML!!" and then immediately jump on a web-enabled device and post their story.

I think #1 was trying to say like maybe if OP had a smart phone they could download an app that you can make calls over wifi. Anyway OP ydi.

lol idk 71... I'm pretty sure #1 just failed and assumed OP posted this at the exact moment it happened...

who cares ? sitting on a mountain, with a great view= perfect time to think or write a song. stupid OP -.- jk lol

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way to be prepared

yea well how could op send this to fml without service? cuz if theirs no service theres most likely not any internet service either.

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My dad lives, literally, in the middle of nowhere in Amish country. When I visit, my phone is ALWAYS searching for service and rarely gets even 1 bar for more than 5 seconds. I can't make any calls unless we go into town closer to cell towers...but he does have internet. Yeah, it's slow as hell...but he has it. So just because they have no cell service doesn't mean they can't get internet.

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Lols dun forget some energy bars xP

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good job!! retard

I'm sure everyone forgets things sometimes. OP might have been in a rush to make an important call for business and such.

ya well how would they have internet that???

When she walked back down to use a computer?

"Wer es nicht im Kopf hat, muss es in den Beinen haben" or in English: "Who doesn't use ones head, has to use ones legs"

It's just a proverb ;)

ein stein bortsen itsen mein!

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English MF do YOU SPEAK IT

You just got told, 103.

Yes she does, half of it is in English, at least she wrote everything out

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you are prolly fat and need the exercise

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Haha I agree number 7. If its an important call you'll go back.

why would you say this. just to feel cool?

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I don't know why people say stupid things to people for no reason. I think it's becoming normal to be rude for no apparent reason..

#12 If it's an important call you use the landline. And if someone needs some training doesn't only depend on his/hers weight.

#7 No you are fat because you live in Antarctica!

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18, nothing was really said things were typed though. also everyone knows being nice gets you nothing but walked on or hurt.

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#99 You know what I mean when I say "say". -.- Being nice does not ONLY get you that. You will actually get that more often if you are NOT nice. There is no reason for people to go around being needlessly rude.

99, dont be a downer. thats the kind of things that makes the world a horrible place.

Not being able to use your phone is FML worthy? Really?

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You hillbillies ought to stick with soup cans and string.

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*thumbs up*

seriously? stereotypes again. WTF is wrong with you people? living in tennessee makes you a hillbilly? wow.

I though tennessee was redneck country

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bunny, it's a joke really.... if you take everything said online, on here especially, serious, you have some sort of issue. just saying.

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and that has what exactly to do with what I'm saying now? poking fun is not taking things seriously, my dear.

If you think "Tennessee" is redneck, then you know nothing of the country. Eastern Kentucky, now THATS redneck.

100 yes, I'll agree , I did overreact. (it was morning and was rather tired). if you'll read my other comments you'll see I'm just a jokester myself. it does annoy me when I say "y'all" or something "redneck" and get torn apart by people who think I marry my cousin and shit like that.

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wow that's original bitch

so? use telekinesis to bring it up to u. DUH

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Wow. You're stupid.

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How is something as simple as forgetting something considered being stupid? Not everyone is perfect as you would like them to be.

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Because if you decide to climb a mountain in order to do a phone call, you kind of need to make sure to take the phone. Yes, people forget things all the time, but when you forget something which is the REASON you decided to climb a mountain for, it's kind of dumb. No one said OP is a horrible person for it, just kind of sillystupid.

#20 SILENCE... Chuck Norris has spoken...

82 yes! Never argue with Chuck Norris! It will only end with him punching you, through the Internet!

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84 yes!

87 double yes! :D 95, fail

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#37 Silly, yes. Stupid, no. Stupid would refer to a lack if knowledge. As for everyone else: *sigh* no comment.