The illustrated FMLs

Today, the war against the pigeons on my veranda reached a new level. To try and get them to clear off, I gave my window pane a short, sharp knock. It broke into several shards, and not one of the totally oblivious birds moved. Pigeons 1, Me 0. FML

By Kilimanjaro - / Tuesday 3 April 2012 04:41 / France
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  randomkayx3  |  11

Animals are smart too ya know. They have a brain just like us. Who knows, they could be smarter than some idiots out there. Wouldn't doubt that with this society.

  Cat_Lover24  |  2

Hey! Pigeons are not stupid, idiotic , or annoying! They are very interesting to watch and feed! FYI they feed their young milk and it comes from the back of their throat! they are one of the few birds who feed their young milk!

  ThisIsMyReign  |  4

42 - Don't you mean double sided tape? Don't know how the tape would stay if the sticky side is up, although it would be funny to see tape stuck to the bottom of a birds foot.

73 - Pigeons still suck.


OR get some bread, get some gun powder, and make bread balls filled with gun powder. It reacts with a birds stomach acid as they fly away. they will flap their wings about 10 times then you will have your own messy fireworks. Change the score a little.


73- you are an idiot. What they feed is called "pigeon milk" but it's not actually milk. It's mostly digested seed they cough up and part of their crop lining. Only mammals produce milk. Jesus the education system is failing when people don't even know the basics of biology.

  randomkayx3  |  11

Hey 103, so they fucked up. You really don't have to go ahead and call them an idiot. So not all of us are completely experienced with "basic" biology. Boo-hoo..

  VeganVampyre  |  26

103- mammals are also the "only" ones to give live births... Except for the mammals that don't, and the reptiles that do (the platypus and the blue tongued skink, for example). There are ALWAYS exceptions, and it wouldn't actually surprise me to hear of a bird that produces milk. So don't go calling people idiots for supposedly not knowing basic biology when clearly, you're no better.

By  Mirorbo  |  26

I can't imagine how one knock can break a window. Unless there's metal in your hands. Are you wolverine by any chance? *checks gender* Ah, looks like that answers my question.

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