By NOKHAN - 25/10/2013 17:17 - United States - Durham

Today, my boyfriend and I watched Star Trek Into Darkness together. He liked it so much that he's now chosen to yell "KHAAANNNNN!" as he cums. FML
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CheeseTron 15

All aboard the USS Intercourse.

I guess it's better than a Vulcan. They don't say anything but glare at you and reprimand you for your show of emotions during sex.


CheeseTron 15

All aboard the USS Intercourse.

I applaud you, good sir.

how wonderful of him...

I guess it's better than a Vulcan. They don't say anything but glare at you and reprimand you for your show of emotions during sex.

Actually, if you'd watched "Amok Time", you'd know that when it's time for Vulcans to mate, they are filled with hormones that make them quite emotional and illogical.

You should point him at some of the slash fanfic.

Although 10, it's a shame pon farr only happens once every 7 years.

Good for you. At least you watched it with him. I can't convince Mrs. Bastard to watch any thing Star Trek-related. She thinks it's worse than Twilight.

Nothing is as bad as Twilight. As a Trekkie, your wife makes me want to weep.

"Dammit Jim, I'm a Doctor!" Sounds like some ideal kinky role play!

Eh, Star Trek and Twilight are equally bad.

#24 - Get out.

#6, I'm not remotely a Trekkie and that statement still makes me weep.

Wow... I don't even watch Star Trek and I find that statement offensive.

"Mrs. Bastard"? Seems to fit the name with such a statement. Also, Doc, the aforementioned quotation made me chuckle as I read it to begin with.

Never seen Star Trek but a huge Doctor Who and Sherlock fan so let me tell u I feel your pain none of my friends will even consider watching an episode of DW. Also let me just say I weep for you to have to live with someone who likes Twilight.

Hi I like Star Trek next gen I just can't watch the cheesy special effects in the original series Oh and DW is the fucking balls (it's really fucking good)


yes, that is what the FML said

too many A's and N's

FezzesAreCool 18

But Khan is seriously just unf

Unf? Unfair? Unflattering? Unfiltered? Unfitting? Damn it, finish your statement!

FezzesAreCool 18

Unf like "HOT DAMN!"

I do not think that means what you think it means.

mbusey 20

Benedict is seriously attractive

puffthisfish 11

Benedict is extremely attractive, but as a Trekkie, I refuse to acknowledge him as Khan. Ricardo Montalban is the only true Khan... Watch Space Seeds and Wrath of Khan and you will see. Plus I think they should have established a previous story with the crew and waited to have him as a villain... it was too soon.

#42 Goddamn it he is sexy as hell.

Doc, is that a soda bottle up somebody's ass?

You took the words right out of my mouth

You shouldn't have sex with a guy that immature.

Wow, you must be an exciting person to have a relationship with. Grow a sense of humour.

olpally 32

I don't you think you can grow a sense of humor. Maybe he should "get" one. Haha. Pretty funny though op.

olpally 32

Argh. She* wow, I'm super drunk, haha. FML.

No, just stupid.

I Khan't believe you went there.

Ummm what? I can't tell whether that should be funny or annoying. Sorry Op

Lemurcat 12

Depends. For me, someone who is just reading just another FML, that's fucking halarious. For the OP it's fucking annoying.

Well I think in that, although I'm a guy, a laugh here and there is alright. I wouldnt want it being super serious but I might agree with you that that was overboard

My wife would get a kick out of it if I only did it once or twice, but even though she's a trekkie too, she'd get pissed/annoyed if I did it any more than that.

hahaha, Benedict cumberbatch is hot, why wouldn't he?

FezzesAreCool 18

Haha I said the same thing too!

Just as long as he makes sure you KHAAANNNN too!:P

His orgasms are *Puts on sunglasses* Out of this world. Bl