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Actually, if you'd watched "Amok Time", you'd know that when it's time for Vulcans to mate, they are filled with hormones that make them quite emotional and illogical.

  ptoka  |  20

"Mrs. Bastard"? Seems to fit the name with such a statement. Also, Doc, the aforementioned quotation made me chuckle as I read it to begin with.

  lifeisfabulous  |  10

Never seen Star Trek but a huge Doctor Who and Sherlock fan so let me tell u I feel your pain none of my friends will even consider watching an episode of DW. Also let me just say I weep for you to have to live with someone who likes Twilight.


Hi I like Star Trek next gen I just can't watch the cheesy special effects in the original series
Oh and DW is the fucking balls (it's really fucking good)

  puffthisfish  |  11

Benedict is extremely attractive, but as a Trekkie, I refuse to acknowledge him as Khan. Ricardo Montalban is the only true Khan... Watch Space Seeds and Wrath of Khan and you will see. Plus I think they should have established a previous story with the crew and waited to have him as a villain... it was too soon.

  jrod9327  |  17

Well I think in that, although I'm a guy, a laugh here and there is alright. I wouldnt want it being super serious but I might agree with you that that was overboard