By Anonymous - 17/02/2013 05:56 - United States

Today, I took an afternoon nap, and when I woke up, it was pitch black outside. Still groggy, I went downstairs, only to see my dad sporting a shocked expression and a suspiciously powder-white beard. He actually almost convinced me that I'd just woken up from a five year coma. FML
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Batman had a father. *Had.* Meaning that at one point, there were parents.

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This may sound dumb but was the dad doing coke or did he eat the last powdered donut op was saving for after is nap?

No he probably did it on purpose to troll hi som

That is an EPIC prank. I'll have to remember it.

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There's nothing like an immature father with a great sense of humor!

Sounds like a good prank idea... Awesome dad.

Yeah because you'd totally just be in your own bed at home and not in a hospital if you were in a coma for 5 years.

#6 - Yes, but you're not thinking straight when you've just woken up and also groggy as OP stated which is why he was almost convinced.

And you're probably not thinking straight when you've just woken up from a 5 year coma too ;)

Maybe OP is really Captain America and woke up in a simulated recovery room to make him think he's in the right year.

Technically you don't have to me in a hospital if you're in coma for long !

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