By wtf

Get out

Today, I came back to my boyfriend's house where I've been staying to find all my things thrown outside, ruined, including my entire CD collection, textbooks and clothes cut up. All because I had left my phone there and had got a text from a guy saying, "Hi, how have you been?" FML
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  darkaqua3498  |  3

wow overprotective jealous bf I see.
and u know what if he can talk to his friends who's a girl, then u can talk to ur guy friends too. he doesn't deserve u. dump him ><. lol

  Drclino  |  0

i have a feeling maybe that isnt the whole story....maybe it was a text from an ex or someone she was know to fool around with....just saying, women can be trifling too

  Slasher2977  |  19

Yeah, me and my girlfriend have set rules, no contact at all with people we have dated in the past, which i cant but thats completely understandable when her exs all want to have her as theirs, i can see where the boyfriend is coming from if that is the case.

  kingtz  |  6

Yeah, who texted the OP? I don't think we have the whole story here. It could've been her ex-bf or perhaps some guy OP cheated on her bf with before...

  DjeePee  |  24

&quot; It could've been her ex-bf or perhaps some guy OP cheated on her bf with before...&quot;

Ah. So getting an innocent text from perhaps some guy OP cheated on her bf with before, gives him the right to destroy her stuff? No.

OP, I'm very sorry for you. Dump him, otherwise you won't live your own life anymore, and make him pay for you stuff. That won't fix the emotional part, but still, it's a start. I would even say 'slap him' (if he didn't respect you, why would you respect him?), but then my poor comment would be thumbed-down.

(Slap him)

  Anai08  |  17

Seriously, I hope you take legal action or call the police OP. Your not married so that was all definitely not in any way his stuff. Irrationally ruining other people's property= illegal and uncool. =[


on your previous comment where everyone said you failed and didnt catch your sarcasm.. obviously you didnt fail.... i mean... your picture makes up for anything and everything

By  Miss_Jazzalyn  |  4

I'd be glad to have a guy like that break up with me. I mean...if they're going to automatically think you're seeing another guy because of a simple text message they're either possessive or insecure. Either way, you're better off out of the relationship.