By spaz - 14/03/2011 01:49 - United States

Today, my dog started barking very aggressively. Thinking she'd started another gruesome fight with my older dog, I jumped up from the couch, spilling my coffee all over my laptop and dress, and knocked over a vase my grandmother gave me. She was barking at her own shadow. FML
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kenshinjapan 2

It sounds like someone's sleeping outside tonight!

That was the dog's plan. And it worked.


kenshinjapan 2

It sounds like someone's sleeping outside tonight!

And it's not the dog.

Skullcrusher 5

you're dumb

GCHoorah 0

reasons why I won't get another dog haha

Reason why I only keep tortoises as pets. :D

21, your tortoise is SO cute!! :D

marinkovski 0

do you think everything is so cute? haha

haha pretty much :)

chlorinegreen 27

reason why I only foster dogs. it's like babysitting, nothing permanent. I get to spoil (to a certain extent) then send them off to their new mommy.

cryssycakesx3 22

you take the dog from it's mom and then give it back?

look before you leap! :) ouch...

Oh man... my dog barks at flies. Haha

icadragoon 11

My dog used to chase and eat flies, very entertaining.

my dog eats flies... lol

I think all dogs eat flies

oh... *facepalm*

my dig eats flies too...very funny but weird at the same time :D

aright so. we all agree that dogs eat flies?

C6Racer 0


60 your puppy is adorableeeeee :D

cats are better :)

fuck your cat

QueenOfBoredom 0

no no no beastiality is a big no no

Cats are stupid..

54 - So is your picture.

hey retard, socialize and take your dog out more often so it's not a chicken shit

DrShaco 2

calm down brah

PSQ91 6

Chill dawg

sammy92 0

funny^ but 9 has a point

dogs tend to be more tempermental because of lack of socialization. they'll pick fights with other household pets and can be more skittish. (both which are mentioned in this fml) don't blame the dog blame the owner! F the dog's life

46 your puppy is so cute :D

I know right? I have a dog too his name is spike :D

denvan 0

Next time look both ways instead of tripping on yourself.

Eek, not cool. I always manage to spill my coffee one way or another, usually doing something way less important than the OP :(