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Today, I was rushed to the ER due to a very swollen foot and high fever. The doctors said I just have a tissue infection but my parents believe I have a flesh eating disease. I can hear them discussing my future with an amputated leg. FML
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Well i hope they'll give you something to walk on, maybe a peg leg? Aaarrgh


Well i hope they'll give you something to walk on, maybe a peg leg? Aaarrgh

But seriously... Parents, they just assume the worst in everything, you'll be fine if you continue on with the medications that your doctor recommends and don't worry you leg won't be cut off ):

Robot appendages have come a long way too. Think of all the enemies crushed beneath your sweet rocket boots.

to be fair, at least it sounded like they were willing to accommodate their lives around OPs imaginary amputation. too many parents nowadays see their sons and daughters go through imaginary operations and pretend pregnancies and turn their backs

I think you parents are a BRAIN eating disease...

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...Or a brain-lacking disease.

2- so you're suggesting that OP's parents eat brains?

I think, in this case, OP's parents want to eat feet, not brains.

Or the parents decided to listen to Dr. Google instead of the ER doc.

Nothing worse than people who Google symptoms and then are certain they know more than doctors and nurses who actually went to school to learn stuff.

WebMD/ Symptoms: swollen foot and fever Cure: AMPUTATE!!!

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@31 A reliable source once told me that ER doctors are morons. You should consult the trauma surgeons instead ;)

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Lol true my mom is like that and she always has to be right

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What kind of "parents" do people consider themselves these days? They were openly pessimistic about OP for something they didn't know about. Bring on the state-mandated parental eligibility tests. :)

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I'm not talking forced sterilization... I'm just saying that not everyone is meant to start a successful family. I know these tests will never happen; it's just fun to pipedream :)

#14: First of all, MRSA is not a death sentence; everyone has it on their skin. All it is, is a mutated bacteria that 30 years ago was considered a normal skin flora. It's only an issue for already debilitated patients, if you're in generally good health, the infection will clear with treatment.

14 didn't mention anything about MRSA..... Where the hell are you getting that from?

This was supposed to go in the post where he did mention MRSA

Yeah sorry your going to turn into a zombie too.

First, its you're*, second, what about this post suggests zombies to you?

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Don't worry, it will most likely not come to an amputation. Even if it does, your parents shouldn't be discussing it so close to you. Even if they are overly worried, at least they care about you enough to worry

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Assuming they can medicate it fast enough, and if the disease is friable. If it's MRSA, poor OP unfortunately is doomed; his new best friend will be a prosthetic leg...

Booda_Shun - Uh, no. Not all MRSA infections lead to amputations. Actually, the vast majority just need antibiotics and/or drainage.

Booda_Shun, stop reading the tabloids. MRSA is everywhere, you probably have it on your skin. It's only a serious issue if you're already debilitated, a generally healthy person will respond to IV antibiotics. MRSA is a strain of staph that mutated over the years, largely because people demanded antibiotics for every cough and sniffle. 30 years ago, that strain was considered normal skin flora and no one worried about it too much, because it was easily treated if it caused an infection/cellulitis.

Also, I'm fairly certain you really don't understand what "friable" means.

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DocBastard, you're in Europe, right? There must be some differences in our strains. Here in America, everything that walks, talks, and/or has 4 legs and eats from a feedlot receives broad-spectrum antibiotics at some point. My hypothesis is that since Europe may not be as liberal with the use of antibiotics, the strain of MRSA there is much more manageable than it is here in the US...

Ugh. Okay. Staph (Staphylococcus) is a type of bacteria everyone carries, commonly on the skin. MRSA (methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus) is a strain of antibiotic resistant staphylococcus that NOT everyone carries. When you go to a hospital (in the US, I'm not sure about other countries), we will ask if you are a MRSA carrier, so we know what antibiotics we can and can't use. It is not a guaranteed death sentence/amputation or anything like that, it just requires more aggressive treatment with different antibiotics.

#49 the whole "broad spectrum use of antibiotics" thing in cattle doesn't really affect human health as much as the media claims. It does select for resistant bacterial strains, but they are mainly cattle diseases that cannot be transferred to human (though there are RARE cases of zoonotic diseases). You should be more worried about the broad spectrum use of antibiotic agents in cleaning products and over-prescription of antibiotics in humans, which both contribute to selecting for resistant strains of human pathogens.

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#52 Humans can contract E. Coli, for instance, just as easily as cattle can store it in their tissues unharmed. Especially the insidious O157:H7 strain that is such a great health risk. That pathogen itself is highly resistant to many antibiotics and you intend to say that heavy antibiotic use in the beef industry is of little concern? Don't listen to the USDA.

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Parents tend to exaggerate things waaaay out of proportion, just stick with what the doctors say and I'm sure you'll be fine.

Hopefully the doctors are correct. However, on the off chance your parents are, you could always be a server at IHop!

It's likely just something like cellulitis. Tell your parents to produce medical degrees or shut up frightening you.