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Today, my two cats decided to have a brawl on top of me. I was just trying to get to sleep. Now I'm covered in scratches. FML
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jaquie0812 tells us more.

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To shed light on what happened. We found a kitten in the woods by our apartment and are currently fostering it till we can find a new home. (might keep it if my kitten will accept it) my kitten is not happy with this and has been swatting at the kitten. He was asleep with me in my room when the other kitten got in and since it is very affectionate he claimed right up which made pooter (my kitten) mad and attack. the scratches weren't that bad and they are both OK. Hopefully they start getting along soon. love the cat puns they are purrrfect.

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The difference of A capitol O and normal o(between this and first comment)

To be fair when i said that ,one was positive and one was negative

That was a bad comment and you should feel bad

anjel_gamer808 6

You'll be feline that one for a while!

It was a one time thing hopefully there's no claws for alarm.

I'm trying to see the paws-itive side of this situation, but there just doesn't seem to be one.

Keep on trying. Eventually you will cat-ch the good vibes.

friedpwnadge 25

What a hairy situation, guess you got the tail end of the deal.

People seem to fur-get that the sticky/shitty/hairy situation pun has been said over and over...It wasn't even funny the purrst time!

AnOriginalName 19

Further proof that cats are the spawn of Satan.

I wouldn't let them back into the bedroom while you're sleeping for a while. That sounds painful and nerve-racking.

Then you have to deal with the cat demanding to know why the door is closed. Which, depending on the cat, may involve yowling, meows, paws underneath the door, shoulder slamming, scratching, or jumping up and trying to turn the knob.

I shut my door at night while I sleep and my cats just sleep outside of my door. They may meow once or twice but if they realize that they door isn't going to open, they will go away or just not try. Most cats don't even care that much

This FML is a weekly occurrence for me. OP probably loves waking up with the cats like I do. It's just a mild inconvenience we put up with for our adorable little felines.

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That was so terrible that it was actually good.

hopefully tthe scratches weren't to deep?

To deep what? To deep tunnels? To deep movies? This is the second time something like this happened this week, dammit.

^what are u talking about... ? To deep as in to deep.

Holy shit you're stupid. TOO DEEP. NOT TO DEEP. Ex: those scratches were too deep. Those people swam to deep waters.

@103 I sympathize with you. Even if you get downvoted it feels good to see somebody correct them.