By Wmsys32pr9 - 30/03/2009 05:06 - United States

Today, a 7-year-old girl came up to me and told me to go fuck myself. I told her to watch her language or else I'd tell her parents. Her mom happened to be nearby and actually heard the conversation; she came up to me and told me to go fuck myself as well. FML
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I hate little kids. Even worse, little kids with bad parents.

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you should have said "if you just woulda ****** YOURself, we wouldn't have THIS (point at the kid) problem"


I hate little kids. Even worse, little kids with bad parents.

I agree. We can see where she gets her language from

well the **** apple doesn't fall far from the **** tree.

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The little kid was a bitch, and so was the mother, but letting a kid swear doesn't make someone a bad parent. It makes them logical, since there is no real reason not to swear. Other than it offends some people. Which is why a good parent teaches kids to make sure it's not offensive before swearing, so they don't hurt anyone's feelings. Failing to teach a kid when or when not to swear, makes you a bad parent.

i know rightt? i mean i dont hate kids, but it makes me reallyy mad to see their bad parents because i know that's how thoe kids are gonna be when they grow up.

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i like the way you think, its not very small minded :P

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OP, you probably DI for watching the kid long enough to know her age.

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i'm 14 and my little 6 year old cousin thinks he's so cool because he says "the f word" but it totally pisses me off. I'll be like playing call of duty with him and my brother and his brother and he'll be like " awh, you ******* bitch." terrible parenting on my aunt and uncles part. it totally pisses me off because if i talked that way now in front of my parents my dad would totally kick my ass.

I completely agree. Some of these people shouldn't even have kids if that's how they're going to raise them.

Hey kiddo, sounds more like you're jealous that your kid cousin can get away with it when you can't. Next time, tell your kid cuz to "shut the **** up"--You'll feel liberated. O_o

- Kids Like That Get On My Nervess And I Run Into People and Children Like That All The Time . It's A Shame To See Parents Teachinq Their Kids It's Okay To Be Hateful Brats . Pray For That Child !

U r right. Perhaps we should feel sorry about this girl having been born in such a family

the apply doesn't fall too far from the tree and damn those bitches

I agree with you! I don't know why your comment was rated down so much. :/

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the apple doesn't fall far from the tree

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you sir, @thewonkits, are perfectly right

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apple doesnt fall far from the tree

Gee, I wonder where the little **** got it from.

This is really so much an FML as a "wow, people are ******* assholes."

Holy crap cant parents teach their kids to speak properly. When i swore i got soap in the mouth.

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God, me too. That was the worst.

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I didn't even have to swear for the was something along the lines of "your stupid" to my older brother. I'm 15 and now my mom swears around me all the time. I think she figures "what the heck, its not like she dosen't know them anyways."

I had to have tabasco on my mouth but by the time I was 7 I was litteraly drinking tabasco =P

I still get soap in my mouth when I cus and I'm 15 fml.

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You got that to?!?! My mom put the whole bottle in my mouth!

You can practically smell the white trash.

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I got the liquid crap rubbed on my gums, not very pleasant.

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why doesn't that surprise me. our culture has completely ****** itself (pun intended).

**** all of our lives that this is what is becoming of society.