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By Anonymous - 12/08/2020 05:01

Today, I have an incredibly high sex drive. My boyfriend doesn't. He made me throw away my, rarely used, sex toys because he's jealous of them. I wouldn't need them if we had sex more. FML
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mcsmee 7

If you're throwing away things rarely used, maybe you should've thrown him away.

He didn't make you. You have free will and you chose to. Do yourself a favor and get more. Tell the boyfriend its not up to him.


sex toys are to enhance the experience not replace an insecure man. tell him to use them on you so he is still involved .

genuinegoodguy 9

You got rid of the wrong thing

CA91 9

throw away the bf instead..

Tell him to get over himself, get yourself a toy and enjoy yourself... or find a new partner that isn’t a complete crazy when it comes to sex toys.

smackthat23 3

That is so ridiculous. If he can’t keep up, he shouldn’t be mad that you take care of it yourself. Get new toys and tell him to get used to it or show him the way out. Do you REALLY want to live the rest of your life not being sexually satisfied?

Maybe he should consider taking testosterone supplements. They can be really useful for boosting sex drive.

lifeis4me 20

He’s not even willing to please you, so he has no right to be mad. It’s not like you forced him to have sex with you. That’s a huge red flag, OP. He thinks his selfishness is more important than your needs

Um.... those things aren't cheap and you shouldn't be forced to throw them out. It's his own damn fault you have them anyway.

fluffnugget 4

Time to throw him away and get some new toys 👍😝👍

throw away the boyfriend