By Ribonuke211 - 12/8/2020 02:02

Territorial pissings

Today, I was menaced by a shirtless crackhead with an aluminum bat for, "parking in the wrong parking lot" - not parking spot, parking LOT - while delivering pizza to one of many nearby apartment buildings. I'm not allowed to carry a weapon to defend myself, unless I wanna shell out $75 for a Mag flashlight. FML
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  OH_HappyDays  |  12

I have one for my car. They weigh almost 2 pounds and will knock holes in stuff. There are also knock off brands that are the same and cheaper. On the plus side wasp spray is also great as you don't have to get close to what you are spraying. Or several people I know carry taser flashlights. They will also take a person down.

  Marcella1016  |  31

Duuuude I was thinking the same thing. I’m used to seeing his comments first on everything.

Hoping he didn’t catch coronavirus on one hand and on the other hand telling myself he probably made a new account so he can comment without people automatically downvoting him. Playing a game with myself trying to guess who he might be in this hypothetical scenario.

Yes, I should probably get out a little more. Why do you ask?