By Anonymous - / Thursday 15 December 2011 07:00 / United States
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  Mendara_fml  |  0

The rough part is needing to make sure she likes the smell of whatever you're brushing with! My ex had bad breath but I swear his toothpaste was almost as yuck.

  newlove_fml  |  0

Video games don't solve everything, and in this situation, it would just be running away from a problem. However, really sitting down and reasoning through a problem has proven successful many times before. Just some helpful advice.

  newlove_fml  |  0

Yes, she's really going to lust for a man with bad breath. All that delicious stench, just yummy. No. What I'm saying is, he's got bad breath, and he's probably the proud owner of a toothbrush. I think you can do the math?

  markrs  |  0

No. The toothbrush is a pretty old invention. That's why he probably never heard of it. But they have these new strips that dissolve in your mouth to make it smell fresh! Deceive her with those OP

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