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By  Dylan Borg  |  11

Talk to the person.
Sometimes it's inexperience, sometimes it's different styles and sometimes it's just the person holding back because they think I kiss a certain way. Had same issue with an ex once. Talk, learn, move on :)

By  OrySoma  |  9

everyone always wants instant gratification you ever heard practice makes perfect also try being open and honest even if its uncomfortable if you lack that you will be alone forever bud

By  andrewgr  |  2

Please at least try to teach the person what you want. Maybe it will work, maybe it won't. But kissing is a technique, and it can be learned. Even if the person doesn't wind up being able to kiss the way you like, just trying different things and practicing might help them down the road. Teaching this person could lead you to wind up with a great partner that kisses you the way you like, but if not, you may at least change that person's life so that they wind up with the partner of their dreams somewhere down the road.