By cyzn - 14/07/2014 17:59 - Canada - Sorel

Today, I tried to impress my boyfriend by slowly backing up and biting my lip to get him to come closer and kiss me. I ended up smacking the back of my head against a brick wall. FML
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cyzn tells us more.

Hey everyone, Your comments made me laugh! So here we go, when I was backing up I think he was more concentrated in what I was doing and not really looking at what was behind me (which he should of but anyways) when I hit my head he obviously started laughing and he grabbed me towards him and kissed my head (while continuing to laugh) Hes a sweet guy, I have a tendency of walking into walls or backing up into brick walls lol. My head was totally fine just a little headache afterwards. For in the future always check your surroundings aha. As for the whisper app, I posted that post about this fml with the grey brick wall background, just making sure, Everything is a secret on that app so i had no other way to show/prove that it was me, but anyways its not the end of the world. Thank you everyone who was concerned and made me laugh!

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He makes you that lightheaded hmm? That's a sign of true love right there.


He makes you that lightheaded hmm? That's a sign of true love right there.

Just laugh it off and continue. It's okay OP it happens to the best of us :)

Maybe the brick wall wanted some action!

I guess the love went to her head

^ stay Positive there Punk, you'll find a girl eventually.

That ain't sexy

You might not think so but I'm sure the boyfriend could have thought differently. OP was trying to be playful and flirty. Some guys pick up on cues like licking lips, playing with your hair, exposing your neck etc... As a joke/experiment, I once ate a banana in front of my BF with direct eye contact. You never know what odd things can turn one on 'til you try.

salvorican 24

I agree with you 34. But I honestly don't think I could eat a banana seductively with a straight face.

#41 Yeah, it was hard :P keeping a straight face. Lol I was worried he'd might have enjoyed it more if I had choked a little on it. Also -- Reading body language and facial expressions are also ways to communicate. Why would someone limit themselves to only talking? Don't you know "Hips Don't Lie"?

Hahaha im always trying to be cute for my boyfriend

blazerman_fml 17

Yep.Yep.Yep.Handy notes.Was that one banana or two?I'm guessing this works for the opposite gender too right? Hips don't lie xD Shakira

#34 I definitely think that if you had chocked on that banana, it would have been better. :-D

I think isn't would've fit properly.

I realize I didn't make this clear I was referring to the hitting of the head! Aha

blazerman_fml 17

^Even if Shakira was smashing her head into a wall I would still find her sexy!Her ass is out of this world!and her hips do not lie!

I am now imagining Flanders saying that while watching music videos

Llama_Face89 33

45- damn doesn't look like you really have to try. You're gorgonzola!

Yes she is a big wedge of cheese...and you wonder why you're single.

I would have just kissed him if I were OP. I mean, he's already your boyfriend.

How fast backwards did you go?

well maybe he'll still like the sexual reference and ignore the embarrassment and not make a big deal out of it

Hopefully the impact didn't cause her lip to bleed. That would be pretty hard to overlook.

I would have just kissed him if I were OP. I mean, he's already her boyfriend.

Love ain't easy.

iLike2Teabag 27

If love hurts, you need more lube.

or a helmet in OP's case.

I see no one else here is familiar with the song "Love Hurts" by Nazareth.

baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me

MrsFlowers 9


At least you didn't break anything...?

mysadlyfe 9

her heart is all

Aren't you suave haha

He probably felt bad for you and kissed you anyway!

Or he's an asshole and laughed.... I hope he'd still kiss though just to be nice, bricks hurt.

Respect101 17

you don't have to be an asshole to laugh at that, more than half of the people put in that situation would laugh, and make sure the person is okay at the same time.

I mean like, laugh and not help, that's a asshole move. I know I'd laugh, but also help.

Smooth OP, Smooth as silk.