By Living_Loving - 07/03/2010 01:21 - Australia

Today, I spent the night with my boyfriend as he promised me that his parents and younger brother, who I have yet to meet, were out of town until Tuesday. We were awoken by his mother screaming, telling me that she doesn't want girls in the house corrupting her baby boy. He's 20. FML
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Hey OP here, my boyfriend is a full time University student who works three nights a week and is currently trying to pay off his $20,000 degree. Yes it was the first time I had met his mother, and obviously if she was home I wouldn't have stayed over if she didn't want me to. Give me some credit. And oath it was one of the most embarrassing experiences of my life. -.-

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I think people who are criticizing this kid for being 20 and not out of the house yet are being ridiculous. It's really expensive to be able to live on your own and at that age, it's highly unlikely that you will have a job that pays enough to support yourself, especially if you're still studying. >.> Well, it's like that in my country.

snickers: first off no one said anything about sex, and 2nd even if they had sex he has a room. it's not that big of a deal. it's not like they fukced in her bed.


hahaha! sucks for u

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I would ******* kill the mother

sounds like my mom, my lil' bro sat in her lap until he was 12

The solution to her problem is obvious. Next time, don't hook up with a guy that lives with his mommy. They're called standards. Try 'em.

#27 have they found any of the bodies yet?

my mums worse, if she was around with me all the time I wouldn't even be allowed to talk to girls.

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I know what you mean. my boyfriend is 20 and lives with his mom and little brother- and when I spend the night she makes me sleep on the pull-out couch next to her room. Did I mention she's a jahovahs wittness? ugh.

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That's why I live by myself. Plus I don't have to get dressed if I feel lazy.

hey I'm Australian **** yourself number 1

@#55 YDI completely for dating a jehova, they're only useful as target practice.

Sun_Kissed18 25

Who says that her boyfriend was too? She said the mom was one, not the boyfriend

All of you are assholes I wish I had a mother like that so stop complaning

I'm very sorry you lost your mother, but dang man calm teh f*** down

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he never said he didn't have a mom.

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I can't tell you how close this comes to my boyfriend. His mother cannot stop calling him her "baby boy". He moved out then moved back in (no doubt because she "needed him" and "couldn't be away from her baby boy"). Moms like these need to learn to cut the cord and let their sons grow up. Standards or not, this guy needs to get out of the house and experience the real world, without his mother attached. Get out of that relationship while you can! I know I will with mine!

@ 103- I was talking to 80

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that is still a baby...nothing surprising

why the mother?? WTF did she do?

67, so are every other religious person

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you jeZabelle !!

another austrailan girly man.

maybe she meant his younger brother? eep

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His mother probably meant his younger brother...?

angelkissezxox 3

stfu little miss goody 2 shoes.

snickers: first off no one said anything about sex, and 2nd even if they had sex he has a room. it's not that big of a deal. it's not like they fukced in her bed.

While yes, it is implied that they were probably having sex.. She never said they were. And you never know they may not have been. She did say they were awoken by his mother's screaming. Not that they were interrupted. And I've spent the night at my ex's house before without us having sex. So you never know..

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