Daddy's girl

By Anonymous - 24/11/2021 23:01

Today, my girlfriend introduced me to her family. She’s always called her dad “Daddy” when talking about him, which is fine, but when we went to their house she kissed him on the mouth as a greeting, and at one point was sat on his lap, almost falling asleep. She’s 25. This can't be a good sign. FML
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That family tree is definitely a circle. Get out now before you become a Ray Stevens song.

Pretty sure there's more than one cycle in the family tree.

Lord_Hades 14

I’m in NY and even I know and love his music lol

That isn’t as bad as people make it out to be.

True, it's not "as bad as", it's vastly worse.

Wadlaen 23

Well, it sounds like a sign of the possibility for some kinky nights in the future, if you keep her.

SocialSuicide 13

It's awkward yeah, but I've been the girl in the situation (minus the lap sitting). She's just probably used to it and probably doesn't know how weird it actually is. Could also be what her father expects of her, being his little girl. That's what it was for me at least.

It really isn’t bad at all. Could be just how she was raised. I’m the exact same way. I love my dad and will always be his little girl. I haven’t sat in his lap for years, but that’s because they got rid of the comfy recliner. I kiss my dad and my grandmother on the mouth. Just a peck and it’s nothing creepy, just how we show affection. I understand red flags, but sometimes it is just innocent.