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  BelleElle_fml  |  5

One time while I was sitting in the common room of my brother's dorm, this guy walked in really pissed because he just found out that his girlfriend cheated on him with his friend. So he told everyone to gather round and then called his girlfriend (who didn't know he had found out) to have extremely raunchy phone sex with him. He muted the phone on his side and then turned on the speaker phone so the whole room could hear her. She was a very very dirty girl and got really into it. After that she was known on campus as 'Sarah Swallow' and had to transfer. I thought it was a lame name.


Well, try living in Texas and your fiancé living in Hawaii for the army. Yea, it sucks horribly. Phone sex is the only way we can do anything like that. And it's only lame if you make it that way, I don't. ;)

By  LiznessMonster  |  9

So I suppose it wasn't possible to film another day eh? Or you could've just told her before hand that you're going to film, so that she would realize that anything she says would be caught on tape...just saying, this could've been avoided.....