By Xanadu - 16/04/2011 07:04 - United States

Today, I made a video for a school tour of my apartment in German. The walls in my apartment are thin, so you could hear my sister having phone sex in her room in the background. FML
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XxNinjaDaytonaxX 0

Ouch that sucks. But couldn't you mute the sound or edit it out?

haha. hopefully the teacher thought it was hot and gave you an A.


XxNinjaDaytonaxX 0

Ouch that sucks. But couldn't you mute the sound or edit it out?

Or wait till she finished and record it then.

ImaWiseGuy 5

she should thank her sister, now she's gonna have the best video in the mix, hands down....

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or you could knock on the door and ask her if she insist on being a perv then do it in German.

haha. hopefully the teacher thought it was hot and gave you an A.

sourgirl101 28

"You got me" God, I love to google things! (:

Du hast mich gefragt und ich hab nichts gesagt.

Funny how i'm wearing my band-tee-turned-sleep-shirt as I read this. ;)

Jrefinne 7

If you truly loved Rammstein, you'd know it's spelled with two M's. And to the person who used google translate, gtfo.

Actually it's hotter than you might think. Like it seems stupid, but I highly endorse it :D

phone sex is actually bomb, who wants to touch a ******? id much rather listen about whats being put in one

me and my boyfriend had phone sex often because we lived in different states

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One time while I was sitting in the common room of my brother's dorm, this guy walked in really pissed because he just found out that his girlfriend cheated on him with his friend. So he told everyone to gather round and then called his girlfriend (who didn't know he had found out) to have extremely raunchy phone sex with him. He muted the phone on his side and then turned on the speaker phone so the whole room could hear her. She was a very very dirty girl and got really into it. After that she was known on campus as 'Sarah Swallow' and had to transfer. I thought it was a lame name.

hahah thats an awesome story. I don't like phone sex because the random people i call just dont seem to be as into it as me

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well then you need to get yourself a girlfriend buddy. mine and i have incredible phone sex ;)

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Well, try living in Texas and your fiancé living in Hawaii for the army. Yea, it sucks horribly. Phone sex is the only way we can do anything like that. And it's only lame if you make it that way, I don't. ;)

ChickenDoggiesWh 0

that was a great story haha

no ones heard of sexting? its silent apart from the clicking of your keyboard and no one even knows when you're doing it:P

Just tell them it's the special efx.

ImaWiseGuy 5

and this everybody is my sex room.....but in German.......

I bet you people will be asking for copies!

speaking of that send a copy over my way

So I suppose it wasn't possible to film another day eh? Or you could've just told her before hand that you're going to film, so that she would realize that anything she says would be caught on tape...just saying, this could've been avoided.....

soooo glad you left out the part that you stayed in the room to listen.

RedPillSucks 31

She also didn't mention that she was on the other end of the phone sex conversation. Her sister thinks german accents are sexy.

lol. it be like that sometimes . haha

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ha now you can blackmail her with that video

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