Fancy Hobo

By Anonymous - 29/12/2019 14:00

Today, I changed my name on YouTube to Fancy Hobo and then sent an email to a well-admired professor. Little did I know my email was linked to YouTube. Yes, Fancy Hobo sent a very professional email about registration for grad school. FML
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You should have known how Gmail accounts work. At least you know for next time.

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Sounds like an ad for his YouTube account.

These accounts are free. It’s always a smart idea to have one that is professional looking for dealing with things like this. They can easily be linked together so you only have to deal with one inbox. And you can make it look like it’s coming from the other email address instead. Works well. Takes a few minutes to set up and a little getting use to to make sure it’s being sent from the email address you want them to see. But it’s too easy to forget that we put goofy stuff on personal accounts. Always best to have personal and professional addresses. I’ve seen resumes just tossed because of stuff like that. They figure the person won’t be careful enough with business emails.

Well now you're going to be known as Dumbass Hobo.

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