By Anonymous - 01/12/2010 19:35 - United States

Today, I felt like adding my real middle name to my facebook name to make it look more professional. It was denied because they didn't feel it was a legitimate request. Minutes later, someone with the name of "Galactic Toast" friend requested me. FML
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Did you accept?

Maybe you parents shouldn't have made your middle name Captain Penisface. :c sucks to be you..


SceneXmatrixX 0

haha u beat me by 1 second !!

haha I get it cause you're second! y do ppl still care about getting first it just means you were on when the next batch of fmls were released.

because it's an xbox live achievement worth 150 Gamerscore. Also, it's pretty funny how angry people react. I'm always too slow to get first though =(

#2 it actually looks like you were behind by 2 seconds. OP, fb is stupid. I wanted to change my last name to my bf's last name and it wouldn't allow the name Mister.

OP, The names Galactic Toast, pleased to meet you! Also, what's your middle name? Qwerty?

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yeah ur life sucks, cuz of a facebook fail! grow up people emo kids //.o

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1 kid cudi is better at freestyling than drake sorry I know it's random but I had to say that.

ChubbyCake 5

haha I love facebook:]

since when are names DENIED from facebook?

Since when does it look more professional to put your middle name on FACEBOOK? :)

^ probably because his name before that was Astronomic Bagel(:

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haha are u kidding me?? he sucks dick

lol ur pic is hilarious

LOL drake reads his lyrics off a blackberry. Watch the funk flex freestyle Drake is a joke when it comes to freestyling.

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your icon is love. DRIZZY! :)

A friend used to have his middle name as "peepee"

luvyah 0

thanks 4 the info...*awquard silence* :&

"Emo kids" do you know what "Emo" means

Did you accept?

haha your stomach looks like an alien

That's not her so shhhhhh.

Alien? ROFL. Shut up, he's dead. At least he wasn't some lazy ass who judges peoples pictures on some a screen.

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rip sammy i love you

Awww that's so sad, I'm sorry :(

Not your fault. Thanks for caring though :)

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How does the person in the photo being dead have anything to do with the fact that his stomach, or that he himself, looks strange or "alienesque"?

Rawket_Lawnchair 0

Looks like he died of epic faggotry.

hairt 4

43 read her desc >:(

43 you're a prick

hahaha that could be a real last name?

4- You went to Fairbank right? o.o

50- yes 105- thanks. I hate my hair :/

I know tons of people with the name galctic toast:) I think ur hair look nice

hahaha this is epic!

Galactic Toast is a stupid name.

114- but it seems legit.

22cute 17

That's my daughters Facebook name!

Maybe you parents shouldn't have made your middle name Captain Penisface. :c sucks to be you..

OhYeaYourLifeSuc 0

Ahaha I see what you did there.

#8 lol nice

I wonder if there is any relation to Powdered Toast Man?

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Best comment ever.

you look like mr. t

whatyotalkinbout 0

70 not really

^ hey I know you.... your that security guard!

ive been friend requested by Ifukyou Longtime...surly your middle name can't be that unrealistic haha

Sounds like a cool username to me :)

It's amazing how many legit names are denied, yet you see so many people with oh-so obviously false names on Facebook. It's a broken system, really.

I think it depends on who approves it.

Cyosaric 0

No. only middle names have to be approved. It took almost four days for mine to submit, but I could change my first and last in an instant.

Your middle name must be pretty weird if they don't think its legit enough. I mean there are thousands of people with unrealistic names on facebook.

Oh my god are you a 30 Seconds To Mars fan??!! yay :)

i hate the word legit...

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my nephew's middle name is Thriller. I wonder if that would be accepted.