By Anonymous - United States
Today, I felt like adding my real middle name to my facebook name to make it look more professional. It was denied because they didn't feel it was a legitimate request. Minutes later, someone with the name of "Galactic Toast" friend requested me. FML
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  beren456  |  1

haha I get it cause you're second! y do ppl still care about getting first it just means you were on when the next batch of fmls were released.

  Molord1  |  0

because it's an xbox live achievement worth 150 Gamerscore. Also, it's pretty funny how angry people react. I'm always too slow to get first though =(

  untoward  |  0

#2 it actually looks like you were behind by 2 seconds. OP, fb is stupid. I wanted to change my last name to my bf's last name and it wouldn't allow the name Mister.

By  Mirorbo  |  26

It's amazing how many legit names are denied, yet you see so many people with oh-so obviously false names on Facebook. It's a broken system, really.