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By  Sinshine  |  27

Please don't go the "But they're my parents. I can't sue family." route. They stole from you, they will pay it back one way or another, with as much force as it requires.

  Memnoc  |  26

Most times, if the child is still considered a minor, under 18 in most US states, some it's 16, then the parents are the legal recipients of inheritances such as that, therefore it would belong to the parents. Pretty shitty of them to keep it, and not put it into a trust fund or account of some sort, but legally there probably isn't much that can be done.

By  Sinshine  |  27

Please don't go the "But they're my parents. I can't sue family." route. They stole from you, they will pay it back one way or another, with as much force as it requires.


That’s a mighty fine line to walk. Really wanna fracture a family over money? Maybe they spent it to keep the family on their feet during a hard stretch? Maybe they used it for a down payment for op on a car? Or maybe they spent it on drugs and booze. Seems like a big stink to make over some money you really never even had.

By  MidnaLink  |  32

@goober96 So you’re okay with the fact that the parents stole a lot of inheritance money from their kid, even though they already received their fair share? Screw you.

By  diablowarcrafter  |  3

to all the people who are saying his parents did the right thing it said every person in his family got 2000 that means both of his parents combined before taking his money had 4000 then they stole his

  Sinshine  |  27

It really doesn't matter all that much. Even if they just stole 1 buck, they stole from their own child. The saddest part is that there's actually people here defending the scumbags.

By  ViviMage  |  38

I would ask HOW the estate released it to you parents in the first place, then sue your parents.

Unless you were a minor when he died, that makes sense. But then the parents had a breach of contract to hold that for you until you were of legal age.

By  newgirl22  |  9

All of this seems like overkill. Yes it was their parents choice to have children so to some degree they should care for that child by providing food and shelter. however most parents also help pay for school accessories, extra clothes, times out with friends, sports, presents for birthdays, all things that spoil their children out of love. likely the parents used it for the child and the child doesn't realize it. the smart thing to do is ask the parents where the money went and why, not sue them. I hope the people saying that one day don't raise as selfish of children.

By  AlcyoneBlack  |  10

To the people who are saying that the parents maybe spent the money on him; he clearly states that they spent it on themselves.

To those who say they have the right to spend the money, they don't. It's not their money, and I don't care how much they spent on him to raise him it's still not. The parents should have, and this is only if he was a minor at the time, set it aside for college tuition or a car payment savings, as it is supposed to be his money to inherit not theirs. It should be used for his future not for their benefit or spendings.

I don't think it matters, really, what age he was because what they did can be called theft. They spent the money on themselves and not on him or given it to him as intended in the will.

I bet they could be sued because what they did is called Inheritance Theft and there are actually websites, and I assume law firms, dedicated to protecting the people in the wills and the person leaving the will from these things.