Poisoned chalice

By Anonymous - 27/04/2020 08:00

Today, I inherited a lot of money from a great aunt that I had forgotten about. Her immediate family are all scumbags who were only after her money, so she willed it to me and my mom to say "fuck you" to them from beyond the grave. Now I keep getting threatening phone calls. Thanks auntie. FML
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Just change your phone number. Problem solved!

Don't blame your aunt. Blame the scumbag family members she rightly cut off.


It sucks. ... Otherwise, do you want to go for a drink sometime ? :)

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It’s amazing how people get mad at others for being decent human beings

With your new riches, get a new phone and move to an undisclosed location!

Just change your phone number. Problem solved!

Donate it all to charity, tell the fam it’s all gone so stop bothering you

Don't blame your aunt. Blame the scumbag family members she rightly cut off.

This happened to me. Stay strong. The will never lies

Not a lawyer, but IIRC, if you are left out of a will, a portion of which you would normally be entitled to, you may be able to contest it. If you really want a "screw you" to your heirs, a very small nominal inheritance is better, because they couldn't claim they were overlooked.

That’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard. So a person decides who they want to leave their money to but just because you’re related you can contest their wishes because you’re “entitled”?

Yes, wills can legally be contested. But the person contesting has to show that the author of the will was coherced, under durress, or mentally incompetent when they signed it.

I'm a legal assistant. Where I am it depends on the circumstances. When you make a will you have to take care of your spouse and any dependents- under 18 kids, disabled adult kids, etc. If you choose to disinherit, yes, the people who were disinherited can make a claim on the basis that they deserve a portion or that the deceased was mentally unfit when signing the will, but they have to prove they deserve a portion or were unfairly disinherited. Simply saying they deserve because they are family doesn't cut it. Provided the person making the claim can't prove the above a judge will usually follow the will. That being said, I don't have personal experience with estate matters and this only holds for where I live.

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Legal system at its finest. I think the premise is "my mother was senile and completely forgot she had three sons and eight grandchildren, and instead gave her entire inheritance to the friendly Nigerian prince she's been talking to." Hence Chuck's $5,000 bequest to Saul in Better Call Saul. It's a small amount, but it shows that Saul was not inadvertently left from the will, but it's a nice brotherly slap in the face.

Change your phone number, block them on social media and email, and call the police on them for uttering threats. Your mother should do the same if they are threatening her as well. Don't give in to those people.

Via email or text tell them to stop threatening and harrassing you. That way if you ever need it you have proof you told them to stop. Save all texts, emails, and voicemails. And if your state's laws say only one party to the conversation needs to be aware of voice recordings, then set your phone to record the calls. Then you'll have proof shoukd you ever need to file charges against them.