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Today, I sent an email to my teacher asking if a source was a primary source, he replied yes. I got my grade back for my essay and it was worse than I expected. My teacher said it was because I didn't use a primary source. I showed him the email, to which he replied, "Well, I was wrong in the email." FML
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He shouldn't be taking points off of your grade for his own mistake. That doesn't seem fair


This happens to me more than it should. Maybe my teachers are secondary teachers.

Rule #1: The teacher is always right. Rule #2: If the teacher is wrong, see previous rule.

This is why I hate writing in college.

Yeah #2 is correct. Since you have PROOF of a conversation with the teacher concerning this very thing…where he says one thing but then PENALIZES you for following his instructions…you have an open and shut case to have the teacher's decision overridden by a higher authority (dept head, principal, etc.) Making mistakes is one thing. But when it's the teacher who makes the mistake, and then punishes their students for their OWN mistake……that's a COMPLETELY different matter.

Some teachers play favorites... And I guess you're not his Sorry

The teacher is just a dolt, has nothing to do with favorites

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No fun when a teacher screws you over :(

mine did this for seventh grade science class. then I had to put up with her for an eighth grade teacher the next year. I was terribly sick for two weeks, came back, and she said "oh, you can start this. just write me a paragraph or two in the twenty minutes left in class, about recycling and whetgr you think our town should recycle" then gave me an awful mark, because I didn't have research, and it was too short. then she patronized me for not spending enough time on it.

My biology teacher was very similar, she'd try to find any sort of reason to have a go at me. One time I had enough so I asked her to stop, she started shouting at me and then kicked me out of the classroom, I called her crazy and I got suspended. After that I'd go in to a lesson and be told I couldn't be in there for that lesson but never told why. She finally retired after I finished school.

He shouldn't be taking points off of your grade for his own mistake. That doesn't seem fair

I kinda think that's the point of this FML...

Welcome to FML, where nothing is fair, because life isn't fair.

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Umm fair? You know that the world's not fair right? The op should've verified on their own that the source was primary or not. Don't let shit like that fall into someone else's hands, take care of yourself.

#51, He did verify it was a primary source himself by asking the TEACHER, who said it was and that it would be fine to use.

Unfortunately this happens to people way more than it should. In fact, yesterday a girl in my Biotechnology class asked why the teacher had taken points off for data from an experiment we did the day before being wrong due to a mistake in the experiment. She asked him when she was writing the report if she should use someone else's data or not and he said that as long as she stated that there was an error she was fine. He counted off a full letter grade for that.

Go to the head of department and another teacher - you have this in writing OP!

Shouldn't be too much trouble to get this resolved- you have the emails. Go to the principal.

Some people can't own up to their own mistakes and for some reason it seems to be mainly apply to teachers

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You could argue that not verifying the source was op's mistake...

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But by writing the teacher OP was trying to get verification. Who better to know than the person in charge of the class.