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Today, I overheard a large group of my friends and acquaintances making spontaneous plans to go see a movie that afternoon. I was the only person not invited. Normally I would have believed their excuse that they thought I was "sick at home", except I was sitting a few feet away the entire time. FML
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ifeelsoloved tells us more.

I didn't have enough room to tell the full story, but yeah... I'm pretty shy :/ I can talk to strangers and people fine and introduce myself to people, and I like to think I'm a nice person to be around, but I hate "inconvieniencing people" so I was scared to go over and ask if I could come too cause I thought my presence would make things awkward and ruin it for everyone... yeah. My parents got mad at me too when I told them, but I'm just really socially awkward so that happens a lot. Also, they're just a really close group of friends with all the same classes, etc and I'm just sort of that weird outlier lol. Most of the people in the group were acquiantances who I talked to occasionally but weren't very close to, though there were a couple of friends I was closer with a couple years ago when neither of us really had friends then I am now. And honestly, those "friends" definitely use me and take more than they give; they come to me for a shoulder to cry on and a secret-keeper to rant to but don't really talk to me otherwise... I'm the last resort :( I definitely recognize that they aren't he healthiest relationships, and I would disassociate myself from them altogether, but I honestly don't have anyone else ;-; Better to have half-friends than no one, reputation wise... Plus, I'm transferring to a new school this year so yay for fresh starts! I'm just staying optimistic that I'll find some... more faithful friends I guess. Thank you to the people who posted nice messages, I honestly needed that :)

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You should have told them you were, in fact, sick. Sick of their bullshit

Time to go home and watch UNLIMITED movies with Netflix... Where you can now watch ALL the Friends you want. Also people suck.


'Friends' they are.

Then they ask me why I'm antisocial...

I used to have 'friends' like that, in the end I only spoke to them because I spent all day with them at school. I haven't spoken to them since I had my exams 3 years ago, and haven't felt the need to.

Time for new friends.

then they're not true friends

Or maybe OP isn't fun to hang out with, so she is left out of things. it It can happen, you know. If a large group of people wanted to avoid her, who is most likely to be in the right? OP, or her large group of friends and acquaintances?

You're seriously trying to blame OP for being left out? Dude get out ?

I wasn't talking about you..

That really sucks op might be time to find some other friends to hang with?

If that's the only excuse they can come up with, they sound like idiots anyway

Let them zombify themselves in front of a big screen for two and a half hours. You can make better friends playing video games. :)

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and zombify yourself in front of a smaller screen for 2-5+ hours (however long the person plays for).... sounds fun.

Absolutely. I've made friends that I've had for a few years through video gaming. Also, your brain is more active and you tend to be more social during gaming than you are during a movie. If OP's 'friends' don't want to involve OP in viewing a movie, that's their loss. With video games, it's hard to be left out with such a wide network of people. Why I got downvoted for giving OP advice on that, beats me.

Or maybe you could go outside and do something better

I spent my childhood outside. I'm comfortable inside. I work from home for decent pay, and I game in my spare time. I enjoy life that way and that's my choice, not yours.

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Movies and Video Games are amazing

atleast you have friends op.i dont even have any

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I wouldn't call those friends......

And whose fault is that

Go to the movies anyway, maybe you'll find new friends there.

"Hey there, mind if I sit beside you and your friends? We can talk and get to know each other during the movie!" ..Yeah, making new friends at the movie theatre doesn't really sound like the best idea lol

I actually made a good friend at the movies. I was with my boyfriend and we were waiting for a movie to start. I said something stupid to my boyfriend and a girl behind me laughed. I turned to look. Saw she was alone but she looked embarrassed at getting caught laughing to someone else's conversation. We started talking and by the time the movie was seated I paused and asked if she was setting with us. She seems flattered and me and her have become good friends

Did you forget you were wearing your invisible cloak?

You should have told them you were, in fact, sick. Sick of their bullshit

Time to go home and watch UNLIMITED movies with Netflix... Where you can now watch ALL the Friends you want. Also people suck.

or you can download HD copies easily for free

"I'll be there for you when the rain starts to pour, I'll be there for you when people think you're a bore."

@29: You must be very gullible, or very easily scared if you think the police will waste money and time coming after and prosecuting millions of individual home users who pirate content off the internet. It's the source (torrent sites for example) and companies that the police target. Now excuse me, I'm off to watch the latest episode of Better Call Saul without having to watch any ads in full HD.

My rule is essentially only to pirate things that aren't convenient to purchase or stream, like a middle ground between 43 and 51. I like to pay for stuff if I can, but sometimes it's just unreasonable or literally impossible.

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This is probably the worst advice

Until you get a cease and desist letter, you're fine.

#43 enjoy your viruses