By Fuck Trump. - 3/5/2021 14:01

Debate bro

Today, after a supervisor, who is a Donald Trump fanatic, kept pestering us with the subject, I decided to debate with him, never swearing or disrespecting him at all. I was fired, presumably for disrespecting a supervisor. FML
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By  Jonkbaby  |  20

I've been fired from some places for some pretty dumb reasons. Allow yourself to feel your true emotions, and have peace knowing that you don't cling to the same old relics of the past like your former supervisor. It does seem unfair that they are still there and you're not, but look on the brightside, you both have the same President

By  Jessika Jensen  |  6

Do you see the world we are living in today? Unfortunately, there are topics that send people into a frenzy. Politics, Law Enforcement, Laws.. I could go on. Just about anything sends people to the edge. I do not feel that you should of been fired. That was absolutely abuse of power. Not to mention..huge ego.