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  acommonman  |  23

I'm wondering when it would come to the point where using "a shitty situation" actually starts to get upvotes just because the commentor was ballsy enough to use the phrase that everyone used to hate considerably and instantly downvote.

  lightburns  |  10

Pfft, why does anyone get put to sleep? In my country, no-one is put to sleep, although it is the norm to be sedated so a bit woozy throughout.

I didn't feel like having the effects later in the day, and I wanted to walk home myself, so I did mine non-sedated. Did need to get gas through one painful moment, but otherwise it wasn't a problem at all!

  DomiLove  |  26

I was put to sleep during mine and it went well (well, as good as it can go since I was like 11-13 and had to have one to see what was wrong with me).
The prep was just the worst part for me, not eating then that horrible drink I had to drink that ruined anything orange flavoured for me..

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

I've had colonoscopy's and endoscopy's (down the throat into the stomach) when I was a kid, and they put you to sleep for that. When you're an adult they sedate you so your groggy and sleep through it. However, the meds I'm on counteract with the sedation, so I was completely 100% awake for my colonoscopy, which wasn't bad, as well as the endoscopy (down the throat into the stomach) which was horrible and terrifying. The colonoscopy is easy, it's uncomfortable, but not painful at all. The gas afterwards is uncomfortable, but the worst part, as someone said, is the stuff you have to drink that clears you out before hand. You take this stuff the day before and it tastes awful giving you the runs and gas pain and then you can't eat and get shaky. Not fun.

  Waschlappen  |  23

The same in mine. I was fully awake and not given anything sedative or anything. It's the worst pain I've ever felt, so the people who say it doesn't hurt, I envy your experience. Mine was awful! I hope I never have to do it again.

  Eliseopwns  |  22

Damn, if only this site had a convenient way, like a button or something, to express such sentiments :T

By  Kazze  |  31

That sounds like it was a pain in the ass.

In all seriousness, it really sucks that happened. I can't imagine the pain (or awkwardness) of that situation.