By Anonymous - 25/09/2014 19:32 - United States - College Station

Today, I have such severe ADD that I can't focus without my medication. When I take the medication, I can only focus on one thing, but not necessarily the thing I need to be focusing on. I have a chem test soon, and I've been vacuuming my room for the past 4 hours. FML
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isabelf 17

At least your carpet will be clean...?

Good luck on the test! Remember that someone across the world is feeling bad for you xD And now you have a clean room!


isabelf 17

At least your carpet will be clean...?

revan546 24

Plus he somehow got distracted enough to write this FML lol

orbit 22

ADD- Attention Deficit... hey look a butterfly!

saraitkddh 47

Blame it on my ADD baby!

littleteapot 21

#6 most people don't actually post their FMLs the same day

Yeah then the next person who will live there can have a clean freak's room

Remember: PV=nRT

I have my first physical chemistry exam tomorrow and that's all I can remember. WHY IS THAT ALL I CAN REMEMBER?!?!?

The perverted equation!

Good luck on the test! Remember that someone across the world is feeling bad for you xD And now you have a clean room!

Haha yeah good luck op!!! I too have adhd and have been in similar situations...

colton_colton 49

It's not like you really need to know chemistry that badly right?

#3: I guess not. *burns chemistry degree*

@12 Could you please state the combustion formula for the burning of your degree? You should know it. You HAD a degree in chemistry.

You're a tree so you shouldn't be joking about fire if you know what is good for you

so... should switch majors then? D: WHAT A WASTE OF 3 YEARS!

SarahSehhati 40

@#25 paper + O_2 ===> CO_2 + H_2O (not balanced) (and idk what kind of paper his degree is made from) (My major is Chemistry :))

I tell you what! It. Better not be made of trees! Best be some other kinda plant! Or else The Happening will be happening!

Um.. what? Im just a cat who eats squirrels the hell is chemistry?

Bad cat! No! *drips water on cat*

orbit 22

The only other paper I know about is made from hemp

23lf 16

FYL OP, I know how you feel. If you can't find a way to change what you focus on, talk to your professor. They should have your medical papers as proof.

and her professor should do what? give her an A she didn't earn?

By university/college level it's up to the student to deal with their problems. They can get exam help like extra time/computer/someone to read the text for you. But like you still need to know the stuff. I know this for a fact since I have dyslexia and mild ADD and mild OCD.

It's unlikely, but if it's brought to the teacher's attention they may give OP a later date to do the test and therefore more chance to study, hoping that in the next couple days OP would find a time where he was able to focus on studying. It's worth asking at least. Worst that can happen is they say no.

100...even if she was given extra time, she still would have other work to do in that time

As someone with ADHD, I can relate. Mine has gotten a lot better, but I can remember being crazy without meds, and melancholy with them. Quite a predicament.

Right? I have ADHD, it makes studying and being contained in a small space impossible...

You guys should understand that I'm not joking when I say I went dancing to the song "Feliz Navidad" in Walmart at 2am. I've got ADD, and the beat made me feel like dancing.

Spending time in class thinking about something completely unrelated and saying something about it randomly in the middle of a lecture. ;~;

Unfortunately that's the way of medicine. Can't live without it, but get other issues when on it.

without meds my boyfriend will spend all night jumping on the bed yelling while strumming a guitar like crazy, and literally got kicked out of school in the last two weeks for doing absolutely no work; on the meds he's extremely bright, extremely successful and extremely suicidal.

theres a lot of pressure from everyone we know for him to take them, but he'd rather be happy. plus I think its cute when he's hyper

That's the problem. not to sound like a hippie, but we're being forced to conform. some people can't sit for 8 hours going work or listening to a listen, and instead of someone helping them with it, they're drugged into a stupor so they can sit still. our weaknesses are only as strong as we make them out to be. they should be worked with to make them positive, not be forced medication to attempt to make them like everyone else.

Your boyfriend should try and find a dose of medication that only has a lasting effect of a few hours, take it when he needs it, and not to just get him to settle down. I feel disconnected from most emotion when on meds. But I also realize that for the most part, that is what keeps me from being the stereotypical teenage boy. Your boyfriend should take meds to function, but not to the point where they entirely suppress him. And forget about the others urging him to take what he has if it makes him suicidal! Go and try different ones, maybe others will have different results. And him being like this May be cute now, but you'll get tired of it quick. Also, I recall reading an article that suggested that T.V. is contributing to ADD and ADHD. We like to tune out commercials, and then the show we pay attention to only lasts for 10-15 minutes, and in some cases even smaller intervals. And commercials can last about 10 minutes. So when watching T.V. when younger, we begin to get used to the routine of pay attention for a few minutes, and then tune out for a few minutes. A suggested way to combat this was to watch series on Netflix. 45/50 minutes of attention and then seconds of tune out. To slowly train us into longer attention spans. I thought it was an interesting idea, just a suggestion.

Worst is trying to read a freaking book, then you zone out for like 5 mins. Then BOOM!! You forget everything you just read.

Nah. Nah. When I first started taking meds (like it or not, they helped me immensely in school), I was NOT hungry when I took them. It was the most annoying thing ever.

Mad_Or_Nah 13

nobody cares.

SystemofaBlink41 27

I can relate to this a lot. I got off the medications because even if it's hard as hell to concentrate it's way better than being just all slumped down and stuff. At least I was.

HanBroman - Has he tried different kinds of meds? There are often several branches of medication and a bunch of different kinds of meds under these branches. If he talks to his doctor he should be able to find one that doesn't cause suicidal thoughts.

unfortunately, medicine does not help. no matter what you try. I have suffered from ADHD all my life, and when I was too hyper for school, they would put me on medicine that pretty much made me the living equivalent of a zombie. (without eating brains of course) I tried everything that was available at the time, and they realized that even though I was hyper, I would still get work done without meds. so eventually they took me off them. I have been off meds for 5 years (age 15) and I still get distracted, but I am not zombielike.

Correction 98, no medication works *for you*. There are obviously many people that believe the meds are a lifesaver for them.

rocker_chick23 27

#98: Speak for yourself. My pills work fine for me.

why did i get downvoted? is it because I said he's cute? He's tried a range of things and at this present time (we're both taking a gap year from study) he doesnt need anything and his ADD barely affects him at all. perhaps next year I'll bring it up with him; he seems to think he doesnt need it so its always awkward to talk about. I think its cute BECAUSE when he goes hyper he starts kissing me like crazy all over my face and tackels me and rolls around with me in his arms smiling and saying I love you. I dont know how else to describe it but its ADORABLE. we've been dating two years and not once has it bothered me (although sometimes I have to yell at him in the shopping mall when he starts pulling things off shelves and making loud noises haha)

I have the same problem! Except I usually spending exuberant amounts of time on random projects I never finish all the way through.

This post basically sums up my entire life.

Go back to tumblr ^

Mine is being distracted by ANYTHING that mooves easilly. The only reason im a very good sniper in all games as moovement gainsy attention immidiately. So do all the fires sparks and friendlies running so its a 50/50 trade in the end

TanzWolf 26

I have the same thing. Sorry OP, it really sucks D:

nataliewby 25

I'd rather vacuum my room for four hours instead of studying for chemistry myself. Good luck on your test OP, and hopefully you can focus enough to study!

Holy hell! That carpet is probably spotless. Now try and focus on studying and try not to .... Squirrel! What was I saying?

AviKerensky 17

That sucks.

haaa cuz the vacuum sucks xD