Today, returning home from a party, I realised I'd forgotten my keys. My roommate was sleeping so soundly that after an hour of throwing gravel and ringing the doorbell, I had to give up and get a room at the hotel over the road. For €85 I had a view of my room. FML
By LadyGrey / Tuesday 27 January 2015 11:45 /
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  riddle143  |  15

I know this isn't exactly normal, but I almost always have a lock pick set somewhere nearby, either in my glove box in my car or in my pocket, specifically for situations where a friend or I forget a key or need to get somewhere we have permission to be but have no key for. Like any tool it's all in how it's used

Not saying OP had the mental faculty to pick a lock after coming back from a party (or at all, it's not as easy as tv makes it look), but that would be my "trying everything I could"...

  Marcella1016  |  31

ohhh I read it as OP left their keys at the party and I was wondering the same thing as #4. That really sucks, OP.

I do think another option, though, would have been to stay with a friend. I'd've exhausted all options before blowing 85 Euros on a hotel room. Would love a follow up to see what other efforts you made, if any.

  doodlecloud  |  26

Would you really get all that for $85? It doesn't sound like enough for a nice hotel to me...but it's still enough that I wouldn't give it up easily. I'd rather just walk around all night.

  Colon_Man  |  17

I've never lived in a city, but it would be weird to stay at a place where I could see my house - and then, later, being able to see the place I was stranded in from the safety of my own place.

It's almost like a paradox, if you think about it too much.