Christmas pictures

By Anonymous - 20/12/2019 20:00

Today, I walked in on my mom taking nude pictures of herself in the kitchen, wearing just a Santa hat. FML
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Dodge4x4Ram 46

Either the staff are recycling the old fml’s, or people are simply copying them. Either way it’s crap.


Dodge4x4Ram 46

"Ho, ho, ho!" is how Santa describes your mom. She's definitely trying for the 'naughty' list!

Crazy_Pupil 6

Your mom is a very classy woman I see

Maybe if she's a good girl she can get the pearl necklace she's been promised.

bloopaloop 27

I guess she doesn’t have to send them to you anymore

jabc34 9

I mean dont be a scrooge an share the wealth

Was she also playing "Santa Baby" on the radio? I think she's on the naughty list...

If that was me I wouldn’t complain if I walked in on YOUR mom taking nude pictures in a Santa hat.