By toastynippies - 24/02/2015 19:32 - United States

Today, my mom sent me a picture of a blank piece of paper, saying it was a drawing of all the people who wanted to date me. FML
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LittleMissShadow 16

Send one back with the caption "This is a room full of people who think you're funny"

Check for invisible ink.


Your mom is a bitch

JuliaaNoelle 26

His/her mom is actually kind of hilarious

As a mom of three girls, I could never do that to them. Self esteems are fickle things!

Id rather have a mom who can joke around like that than one who is strict and doesn't take jokes

OP's mom is definitely a bitch, especially if OP doesn't and can't date much.

There are ways of joking and having fun with your kids without putting them down!

Oh i agree. But i know a lot of kids that just make fun of eachother and that's their kind of humour. If that's how op is then op would say something witty right back. But it really depends on your kid. If your kids a tad sensitive then you shouldnt do what ops mom did. But my dad is like ops mom and me and him are always firing mean and witty things at eachother. It really depends on Ops personality

this is funny

Shots fired

While i agree that some relationships are based on crude humor, me and my family are a perfect example, it makes me wonder why OP posted it here if it didnt affect her in the wrong way

Obviously OP does not have this kind of humor or it wouldn't be a FML.

jawarston 24

DAMN momma burned you. That is messed up.

Hope she also gave her some aloe ? but yeah total bitch mother

Manosapo 18

Thats a “thanks mom" moment

Nolimit2217 32

Your mom is a harsh lady.

Check for invisible ink.

Remember about the ink that is resistant to UV rays

LittleMissShadow 16

Send one back with the caption "This is a room full of people who think you're funny"

No send a whole stack back

Or she can draw a picture of Zac Efron on the paper and win at life.

Adrian_Robber 6

Don't listen to your mom OP I believe anyone can get a girl if they tried!!! Don't listen to her

Especially if they learn all the good pick up lines here.

Why do you assume OP wants girls? OP didn't list their gender.

Momma's got jokes!

Hey your dad probably dated her and she's a jerk clearly so there's hope for you yet

Send her back the same picture and say it is a drawing of all the f***s you give.