By shadysheikh - 29/10/2014 04:55 - Canada - Calgary

Today, I had my first job interview. The manager asks me to sell him his pen. Thinking I'm all smart, I reenact the scene from the Wolf of Wall Street and say, 'Write down your name'. He calmly reaches into his drawer, takes out another pen and writes his name down. He then looks at me and laughs. FML
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That's when you laugh it off as a joke, then sell him the pen.

Nice try though


Nice try though

Kyle1dc 17

Don't say that! Your Hogwarts letter might not arrive.

joeyl2008 29

No it wasn't. The correct answer is to ask her questions a long the lines of "how long have you been in the market for a pen?" Or " what kind of pen are you looking for?". Then use her answers to try and sell her the pen.

^That wouldn't convince me to buy a pen at all.

He's buying a pen here, not a house.

"What kind of pen are you looking for?" "Oh I don't know, one that writes would be nice."

At least the boss laughed. Maybe OP made a fast recovery after his epic fail.

NellieeNell 18

Now I want to watch the movie just to understand the joke. :( I hate feeling left out lol

HighasaCloud 46

#13, you clearly haven't heard of the Alcubierre Drive. Read a science journal.

Might if been better if he compared the pens and gave reasons why the one he wants to sell is superior, or just try to sell him a second pen.

arronu 9

your profile pic is excellent with your responses lol

I literally just watched the scene from the movie just to understand this.

Hey if it's a pen they'll be writing their name with, they're going to want one that looks good when doing so. Like the gel point or fine tipped pens. If you got a business going you'll want an impressive signature :D

You have to watch it it's a great movie

EveningShades 6

best kind of pen

#21. Seriously?!!! People are never in the market for a pen.

That's when you laugh it off as a joke, then sell him the pen.

Plz don't down vote me for this but what's "Wolf of Wall Street"?

A little bit of both pretty much

TheLostLegend 2

How did he know?!!!!

People watch movies.

thebigtwinkie 28

apparently he does not

TheLostLegend 2

It seems I have not learnt the ways of sarcasm yet...I suppose I will go sit in a corner now and think about my actions....

Tough luck mate

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Yes he was

boss - 1 leo - 0

explains leos life a little too accurately..

He probably got the idea from the movie so he came prepared in case anyone tried to imitate that exact scene. He was looking for creativity.

Like a ninja, you didn’t see that one coming, huh?

it came like a wreaking ball :p

I'm going to roll you off a cliff and laugh, as you fallll!

I believe he figured he would say that...aside from that did you get the job?