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By  Miss_Red  |  17

im going to try to be as nice as i can with this.
Most people learn to share with others from childhood. Seeing as you're an adult with an adult brain, you need to try to refrain from those behaviors.

By  jbuckets_404  |  38

Big difference between "can't" (because of medical, legal, punitive, laws-of-physics-related, and/or monetary reasons) and "it's very difficult emotionally for me to trust somebody else."
Good luck, OP! :-)

By  Sinshine  |  27

I'm just confused by this. You can't as in you're not able to? Why? Or you can't as in you're not allowed to? If so, who forbids it and why? And in either case, why would you want to share your girlfriend and why is it such a big deal that you have her to yourself? Normally people have a problem with their girlfriend sharing herself.