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By Anonymous - 14/12/2021 01:58

Today, I had threesome with my wife and her best friend. Now my wife is mad at me for sleeping with her best friend. FML
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In the words of Admiral Akbar, "It's a trap!!!"

Its funny that people who only think "0" moves ahead are a thing.


Its funny that people who only think "0" moves ahead are a thing.

In the words of Admiral Akbar, "It's a trap!!!"

In human terms three is an unstable number. No matter how it starts, it usually devolves to two against one. One person usually winds up feeling left out or slighted.

slkeithh 14

I sincerely hope she isn't necessarily mad at you, OP, or feeling like you did anything wrong. It sounds like a mutually consensual agreement and it's totally possible she ended up feeling a certain way that she didn't plan for. She could just be mad at herself and the situation. If you did what was asked of you, and didn't overstep any boundaries, don't feel guilty. However, she may be now dealing with a harsh "wake up call" and it feels easier to blame someone else to explain for her mixed emotions. Give her some time and assure her it was an event you two shared *together* and don't have to repeat it. Growing lesson for all.

And you thought what? A threesome with another woman was going to help your marriage?

Jon Tessler 14

since you obviously didn't discuss boundaries before the threesome, it is your fault. any time you bring another person into an existing relationship, you need open and honest communication between all 3 participants, as to what each person is comfortable with.

Depends if its a fml or not, who was the one with the idea