By Anonymous - United States
Today, I went to the school I work at, to set up my new classroom. I'm 5'1" and I was carrying a backpack full of fun educational posters. I also have a new boss. When we met for the first time he was yelling at me because "there were no students allowed in here yet." FML
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  DameGreyWulf  |  0

It can be sometimes, thanks to some jerks, such as OP's boss (though it's not quite jerkish; I've seen much worse).
I'm short too, and I happy with it, but sometimes....

  redbluegreen  |  40

The OP is also a man. I'm pretty short, but I've had guy friends who were pretty short and some of them complain like crazy about it.

But I'm wondering... 'Fun' educational posters?

  valuemeal2  |  1

Being tall is just as bad, trust me. I would kill to be as short as 6 feet, even.

Today, I realized that I needed a new pair of pants, and had to decide whether I wanted to shop online or fly to a different state just so I could pay $200 for a pair of jeans, because they don't think that people with 40" inseams actually exist. I'm a woman. FML.

  The_Cait  |  0

being mistaken for a child when you are an employee isn't fun. Being short is one thing, but being short and having that "baby face" makes life very difficult at times. I'm not saying it's the worse thing in the world, but I know quite a few people who are never taken seriously because they LOOK so young, when, in fact, they really aren't.

  IambecomeRAWR  |  0


I know fictional characters are never great benchmarks for real life, but the book 'Procession of the Dead' by Darren Shan makes an interesting point about this. In it, there is a character who reached adulthood, but then her face started to look younger as she grew older. At the time that the book takes place, she is 58 with the face of a 14 year old. Even as a reader you struggle to think of the woman as being old, even though you know she is, simply because the descriptions of her are all what you would expect to hear about a teenager. It's weird, how words can mess with you like that.

  spazzdoodle  |  0

Ah, you'd be surprised. My school has two precalculus teachers in their early 20s who are mistaken for students regularly. Not because they're short, but because they're young.

  stevenJB  |  25

We have a gorgeous English teacher here who's easily 5ft....makes me wish I was 18

By  Amortifiedperson  |  0

I'm pretty short aswell I'm 5"2 and one-fourth I'm also a high school student and my height compared to everyone elses in my classes is pretty darn short I'm ofter mistaken for a seventh grader it's pretty annoying...