By mrsimintrouble - United States - Redding
Today, my first day on the job, I locked up the office after everyone left and set the alarm. An hour later, my new boss angrily emailed me that I locked him inside the building, setting off the alarm and prompting the entire police department to show up. FML
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  siggy_mcsigx  |  22

It's a little weird that the boss doesn't know the code to disarm the alarm. When my dad was president of his small-medium sized company since he was usually the first in/last out he decided on the 4-digit code. Also, whenever there was a "breach" he'd get a call from the security company alerting him and asking if police should be dispatched (same thing with our home alarm system, actually).

  tygerarmy  |  35

The FML was published with the spelling error, and later changed. Made me laugh extra hard the first time I read it. As my eyes auto-corrected it, then caught the error.

By  redcode5  |  17

Rip, but its ok since you are the new guy.

  rykelmb  |  12

Well aren't you a douchebag? It was an honest mistake and at least they did lock up the building. The boss should never have left an employee to lock up on their first day. If anyone, the boss did it.

  rockergal21  |  16

wow I didn't realize that being human and making a mistake is justification to fore someone who's new and isn't quit sure what they're doing. sounds like to me the managers are more to blame in this situation..