By pugs - 29/01/2010 08:43 - France

Today, the girl I've been dating asked me to describe her body. I said "Thin an toned but curvy in all the right places." I then asked her the same question to which she replied, "I don't know, you know I'm always drunk when we're together." FML
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doesn't sound like ur dating her sounds like she's using you for ass.

... Wow. Classy.


first. i suck

dats fudged up!!

Sexy and drunk? Dude what's the prob?

do u suck LOLlipops?

just be happy your gettin some? but if it bothers u leave

does it matter what YOUR body looks like? if you get lucky and she's drunk it's a plus!

Why is this an FML? You're probably getting more/better action from her since she's always drunk. Sober girls aren't as fun and willing!

doesn't sound like ur dating her sounds like she's using you for ass.

That's a win-win in my book.

that comment just made my day

Really, what is the problem?

You're both assholes for trying to pry a compliment from someone. And you both deserve anything and everything BUT a compliment. Losers.

Cool story, I think I missed the part that makes this an FML...

seriously???? some of y'all are just sick

YDI for being 100% cheese!!

both the OP and the girl were fishing for compliments about their bodies. now OP is fishing for sympathy, which is quite stupid of him, because everyone should know by now that FML is a far cry from being a shoulder to cry on. ranting is over. that's one very classy lady ya got there, OP.

Thank you, Captain Obvious.