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Today, the girl of my dreams that I've been dating for months called me. Apparently she's been having recurring nightmares of me cheating on her. She dumped me "just in case." FML
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That's the girl of your dreams ?

Call and tell her that you have herpes and she should get tested "just in case."


That sucks.

woww does she have a dream house and dream husband and kids too? in a dream city with dream people?

You should take a dump on her.

Should have called her a paranoid bitch.FYL

5 thats so strange because I hust finished watching inception

I had a friend that got dumped because his girlfriend somehow got a sign from god that told her to do so.

Thats dosent just suck, thats absolutely freaking retarded. Just like putting a silk hat on a pig.

1- I have to point out that putting your number on your profile is very "mature".

So is having the figure of a malnourished ethiopian

honestly that just sounds like an excuse she probably made up to give herself a reason to dump you.... sorry dude

also, good burn #32.

Atleast shes bieng careful op dated a smart one

Best excuse ever.

OP should claim rights on this story, I imagine the producers of FInal Destination will be planning to use this for their next installment

31, im 14. And I know im not ba for being 14, so sorry about thinking that people younger than me are immature, but you're 16 living in strawberry fields or whatever. So shut up.

Yep my nicknames aids.

Those are some dirt abs #1

Nope I come in all.. Packages..

59, so what? She's still 2 years wiser than you.

Yep but.. *puts sunglasses on*.. *turns head to you* she's a girl.

I'll be right back I need to find a hat shop and a pig farm.

Maybe ints something intellectual

Or maybe it's the girl's way of putting blame on OP since she probably has cheated on him.

Or we can think really hard of ways to not understand sarcasm.... Oh wait you did that for us

yeah because sarcasm works so well in text form on the Internet

Prove her wrong buy her flowers and take her out to eat to show that you care about her

3- she was probably breaking up with OP for a different reason

It seems it's from the fact she's scared he will cheat to be why she was having these nightmares. Are brain does that so we will face something that's been bothering us. They should talk it out and see if their is any way to put her mind at ease and to see that theirs nothing to be worried about.

Na 47, I think that's just an excuse to dump him

3- is that giraffe giving that horse anal???

Indeed it is :). Nature is beautiful isn't it?

Very b.e.a.utiful

That's the girl of your dreams ?

She's more likely to be the girl of his nightmares.

Is your profile picture a screenshot of your getting the first comment on a post? I can see you're very proud . . .

Sounds like the girl of your dreams is now just a dream

You don't want to stay with a girl like that.

Thats not true... Girls r crazy and their actions are dictated by emotions... It sounds like op needs to tell her shes the girl of his dreams.

Call and tell her that you have herpes and she should get tested "just in case."

LOOL hahhaha

Did that once it didn't turn out well...

that really sucks...jus bcuz she had dreams?

This is probably all that goes through her head: "It's better to be safe than sorry."

Yeah then karma kicks in you see her a year later she's eight months pregnant doenst know who the father is and she's kicking herself saying dam I should of stayed with op he was safer and now im sorry. I agree your life sucks you don't need someone like that.

Dreams like those happen because she's insecure and has self esteem problems.