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  DianeLaLune  |  11

Some people do a meditation or hypnosis session to induce a lucid dream. Other times it just happens spontaneously. You can learn to do reality checks in order to realize when you're dreaming vs when you're awake.

  chrisbeaudoin  |  26

A popular way is to draw a circle in the palm of one of your hands (or elsewhere you can see easily) and if you are not sure if you are in a dream check if the circle is there.

  ABlindMan  |  17

There's all kinds of ways. I've managed to do it a few times by essentially chanting "I'm dreaming" as I fall asleep so when I start dreaming I reminded myself that I was dreaming. Although I've not had dreams that I remember any part of in a long time so I've been unable to.

  ThatOneChick856  |  36

A while back, one way I learned how to lucid dream was to set an alarm that'll go off in the middle of REM and either you'll hear the alarm in your dream and realize you're dreaming, or it'll wake you up and you just go back to sleep and have a lucid dream then.

  MariaGiovanni  |  25

I had bad recurring nightmares when I was little and my dad told ne to think of him and my mom beating up the bad guy or monster or whatever. So when Id get too scared Id think of my parents then I realized I was capable of conscious thought during dreams and could change them. So I've been able to lucid dream since I was 8. I also have sleep paralysis if I wake up in the middle of the night but because I lucid dream I can make it so it isnt scary until Im able to fully wake up. Minds are so interesting.

  Chris_Knope  |  4

the hard part isn't realizing that you're dreaming. that's the easy part. look at clocks or your hands. while dreaming, the brain has a hard time with numbers (the clock will show something weird like 62:40 or your hands will have a wrong amount of fingers.) The hard part is not waking yourself up after you realize you're dreaming. learn to control you're heart rate and lucid dreaming becomes more easy.

  JackFaire  |  27

Yes and no. What I do is that I will "program my dream" I lay down to go to sleep but intentionally start day dreaming building what I want to dream about. Usually in this state I get to dream what I want but I also know I am dreaming.

Other times I just randomly realize I am dreaming but stay asleep. I have been doing this for so many years that while usually people only remember there dreams for a little after waking up I can recall mine weeks and months later.

By  chosha_fml  |  25

And of course the comments are basically agreeing with her, even though there are so many other amazing things you could lucid dream, like flying, or being around wild animals, or telling a shit boss to go fuck himself. Hopefully your girlfriend will come to her senses, OP.

  chosha_fml  |  25

I meant they were all agreeing in the sense that the only thing they think he'll do is choose to have sex dreams about other women. It's all they mentioned.