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Today, I decided I would tell my mom I'm not going to marry my fiancé because it just didn't feel right, only to walk into my own surprise engagement party. FML
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Sounds like a perfect time to tell them you're calling the thing off.

Exactly. Only say yes if you're 100% sure!!!


Sounds like a perfect time to tell them you're calling the thing off.

So what? That doesn't mean he can't call the thing of. :/

#35 meant that since OP is a guy, and that since he used the term fiancé instead fiancée, OP is gay. I don't see how this is relevant.

Exactly. Only say yes if you're 100% sure!!!

That sucks, but YDI. You should have realized that "it didn't feel right" when he proposed, and therefore should never have said yes.

Or the fiancé could have been buttering OP up for months to make sure they would say yes, then afterwards turned into the true dick that he/she was. You never know what actually happened but if it didn't feel right, it would have come out eventually. Better now than later.

I would agree with the others saying you shouldn't have said yes in the first place, but..I'm sure we've all had moments where we're so flattered our minds are clouded. I'm sure this person was in the same place! Hey, it's just a good thing you're calling it off now, rather than after a marriage, where a break-up is a lot messier and expensive.

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WTF?? She couldn't change her mind after getting engaged? Maybe HE changed. At least she didn't wait until they got to the altar to figure out it wasn't going to work...or worse, after! Anyway, I'm sure your mom wants you to be happy and will support you either way.

don't be a dumb *****. What doesn't feel right? If you are looking for that fairy tale it's not gonna happen. you guys shouldn't have agreed on getting engaged if you want to be dumb. think how much time of your fiance you wasted.

People do start to change after they get comfortable and they think that they can treat the person like crap once they're engaged/married. If the fiancé turned into an asshat after getting engaged, OP has every right to walk out.

did you get drunk and forget the whole thing? obviously not. you should of and then told them to **** off.

It's a scary thing, so yeah, I understand why you're scared. So don't stress it. Just go with what your heart tells you, and you'll be fine. Don't take the other comments all that bad. Sometimes you're not sure. Just remember to make the right decision as there are no "replay" button in life... you only get one chance at it.