By Mallory - 27/11/2011 23:53 - United States

Today, after admitting he had feelings for me, my crush returned from out of town. He'd said that while he was gone, he'd meet people, but only think of me. He came back no longer single. He's known her for 4 days. We've known each other for 6 years. FML
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Wow that sucks. When she breaks up with him and he comes running to you, ignore him :)


rallets 22

pretty sure its a girl nice try tho :/

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Bro is one of the most annoying words out there....

lovelydarlings 6

Bro is one of the most annoying words out there....

Shit someone already made the op is a girl comment.. I accept your thumbs down with open arms!!!

rallets 22

your face is the most annoying thing out there.... you mean with open "hands" ah? eh? ehhh?

Muslimgal92 0

He just played the girl like most guys do...

29- He doesn't have a face, or at least one I can see. There's a bigass circle with a slash through it that's in the way.

rallets 22

Hum either OP is a girl or gay, so OP isn't a bro, bro!

Was that a slanderous remark towards homosexuals? Cause if it was I wouldn't care

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Todd- "Oh, Samantha. I've already given my sub to Sally." Samantha- "What? Sally?" Sally- "Hi Samantha." Samantha- "How could you?" *Awkward silence, Todd picks up phone* "Todd. This is Todd."

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70- Literally **** him or **** him as in forget him?

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126- that's one for the story basket!

Never comment on something before reading all the other comments.

I only go on the app for fml so whoever delted the past 10 something comments delete mine too? Would be greatly appriciated and it wont look like i comment the randomest shit.

Uh 70 I think that was what she was trying to do

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Maybe if op wasn't a redneck bitch, he would have stayed with her

I hate the word bro so much but not as much as the word moist

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Dude is a gender free word as well. Or you could say dudett I guess. It makes things more special. Haha... I know Im weird. ?

You should try to ignore him. He's not worth it

enonymous 8

SoTY... ****... Explanation over.

OP you deserve much better than that douchebag!!

OP , some guys are like that, they think with their dick not brain. So **** that nigga and move on to a good guy.

Stormdriven37 6

OP didn't say anything to the guy about having a crush on him. So he couldn't have possibly known that she liked him. So it is not the guys fault for OP losing out on him.

fthku 13

How the hell is he "thinking with his dick"? Also, "forget that nigga"? What are you, 12? For all we know, the guy admitted his feelings to OP and she froze or didn't tell him she feels the same. The fact is, they weren't together, he isn't obligated to do anything. What's with all these "the guy is a jerk" comments, sheesh. Use your brain, instead of using the default- he's a guy, therefore must be the asshole in the story.

OP said 'my crush', so she did state she had some feelings for him.

Yeah, but his point was that she could have not said that OP had feelings for the guy.

He found someon else, that happens sometimes

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all is fair in love and war. you'll win him over eventually!

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That's what they all say until the same thing happens to them.

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Haha girls are sooo overdramatic..

157- Well look at you adding extra "o"s to so and then calling girls overdramatic.

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Should have made it happen sooner

Wow that sucks. When she breaks up with him and he comes running to you, ignore him :)

Stormdriven37 6

It isn't his fault for not going out with her.

On most cases the guy breaks up with the girl


You should have told him you had feelings for him. (I'm just saying this because OP never stated she had feelings for him.)

What does Op mean? I just started, sorry for being a fml noob

Thank you for ending my confusion, I thought it meant other person

KiddNYC1O 20

No. She asked nicely and admitted to being a noob.

I didnt ask because i thought i would sound stupid but i thought it meant either Opposing Person or Other Person. Thank you so much for asking 42, and no your not a noob.

42 you weren't the only one who didn't know what it meant

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She said he was her crush... So obviously she has feelings for him too...

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It said her CRUSH returned from out of town. Obviously she had feelings.

He doesn't deserve you! Sorry OP. hope you meet someone who will treat you right!

You'd think after six years OP should've or would've said something.. Waiting for him to make a move, she deserves it. Harsh, but truth hurts

OP maybe could've said something, but it says OPs crush admitted to having feelings for her, then he came home and had a girlfriend. That's a dick move. So there's some fault on both sides, but mostly the boy was an asshole.

op never said she admitted she had feelings for him, so he couldve thought that she didnt like im back.

33- OP said she's known him for 6 years, not that she's had a crush on him that long. She could've just started to have feelings for him recently.

7, He isn't obligated to date her because he's admitted an attraction. They're not dating so he owes her nothing, and while you may not like it, he has the right to fall for other people and not have to explain himself to anyone.

So the guy finally developed some courage, and then he met a girl who doesn't sit around and wait for 6 years when she likes someone. OP had a lot of time to prepare for moving on, she should do that now.

As barney from how i met ur mother would say new is ALWAYS better.

ArielTheMermaid 17

Sounds like my friend with his gf they started dating after a day.....

My sister introduced me to a friend of hers at my birthday party; we went on a double date the next weekend. We've been together ever since and are getting married soon. Some people just "click."

ArielTheMermaid 17
ArielTheMermaid 17

Why did I get thumbs-downed? I meant my friend not OP........