By snakes44 - Canada - Yellowknife
Today, I let my dog out to go pee before heading to bed. She just stood there and looked at me, so I let her back in and went to sleep. I later woke up to a wet sensation on my back. My dog let out a full bladder all over my bed. FML
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By  KittyMack  |  13

I don't know about dogs, but if cats do that it's a message that something is wrong psychologically or physically. For instance a bladder infection, ingrown claw, or your new cologne/girlfriend/stereo/pet/etc bothers them. It's never just naughtiness there is always a reason. Just gotta figure it out.
I dunno, are dogs the same tho?

By  1gullible_bugger  |  33

hahaha, my puppy does that all the time. not on the bed, but on the floor. I will take him out he will look at me for 10 minutes, after I get tired of waiting, I bring him in to pee on the floor. it's not so bad now, but when it was minus 20 outside he didn't want to pee outside.