By BabeWithBrains - 08/12/2013 19:01 - United States - Cheyenne

Today, my boyfriend bought a onesie. He sleeps in it, goes out in it and won't take it off, not even for sex. FML
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Wow, I didn't think I would get published. Let me clear some things up:) -My boyfriend and my brother-in-law are best friends and bought onesies together. They have been wearing them all night and day. They are a bit crazy, but fun. -My boy works outside in snow, so that's why he wore it to work. -It's also below zero where I live so it's cold at night, hence the bed wearing. -The sex however... Well, there is basically a slit in the back and buttons in the front. He thought it was hilarious, but it won't be happening again. I guess it's just something that he wanted to try and I love him so I did it. Oh, and it doesn't smell.. Yet. ;)

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I guess now no one can tell you "pics or it didn't happen".

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well, as far as the smelling issue... why doesnt he get a couple more, and he can cycle through them so they can get washed.


It must smell horrible. Hopefully his sense of smell will solve this problem for you.

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Clearly OP isn't talking about an ordinary onesie. It's the best onesie in the world!!

If he doesn't ever take it off, the he keeps it on for showers too.

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If it's a giraffe onesie, I'd be concerned. A previous FML had the same predicament.

just undo the zip if he wears it for sex.. it will trap his little fella in it mid sesh... problem solved!! (from experience) :0

Where does one get adult onesie???? I just found my new favorite article :)

If he keeps the onesie on at all times, it helps seal in the flavor. Besides, if it's the superman onesie from Target, who could blame him? You see, it comes with an actual cape.

How do you even have sex in a onesie?! Is there an opening down there?!

Some have them on the butt. I don't know about the front though o_O

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My understanding is that he's not getting sex because he won't take off the onesie.

as a man that has a onesie yes there is a hole and they are really that comfy... I have a feeling my woman posted this.. .

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#70- I'm surprised angry feminist haven't gotten on you for saying "my woman"

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@82 Don't judge, having it the normal way might work perfectly fine for op

u just zip it down at the front. obv a guy wearing it...

Desperate weather conditions calls for desperate measures.

Desperate enough to avoid sex? Maybe it's got a dropfront

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Looks like he might need to stop listening to Macklemore

We'll those things are ridiculously comfy!

We will? Try "well". It's bad enough not using punctuation, don't misuse it too.

Try making sure it wasn't auto-correct first. This is a fun site people go to for laughs, not where they go to be belittled by jerks like you.

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If it is like that onesie, I wouldn't take it off either. I would just go around shocking people.

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That's exactly what I was thinking. Love that episode

Treat him like the child he is acting like, no sex for him.

Apparently he doesn't care since OP said he won't take it off for sex.