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Today, the sprinklers in the hotel room came on and stayed on. There was no fire. My family is currently living in the hotel, so everything we own is soaked. FML
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Better than having the whole place burn down and lose everything. Sucks though.

perdix 29

It was Zach's fault! Get your mom from the lounge where she's singing and Mr. Mosby to kick his ass! Life's not so suite when everything's soaked, is it?


ArtIsResistance7 1

Better than having the whole place burn down and lose everything. Sucks though.

even your car?!?!? I understand clothes, personal items that can't be washed, but your car?!?!? I mean, you DO own a car, right?

it's funny because all your stuff was ruined I bet that water made you nice and moist

it would be better if you said why you were living in a hotel... more opportunity for irony or jokes. a bunch of wet stuff isn't particularly funny or fml worthy since you can't have that much stuff...

YDI for going to a hotel YDI for having a family YDI for bringing things you own

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People like you piss me off. Or should I say "people like you pisses me off" ;]

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44 - People who fail at grammar piss me off more than people who get pissed off by my posts. Unfortunately, you fit in both categories. Learn to conjugate verbs, and learn to take a joke.

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selena it says his possesions IN the hotel room got wet not OUT side. it says nothing about his car? what are you saying

at 61 it says everything they own so a car is something they own

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61 she is saying that because op said everything ge owned was ruined

google shows one and ONLY one mention of Hottleforing on the ENTIRE internet... this page. And offers no spelling corrections. Also, 0 results for Hotelforing. I think you just invented it on the spot. Anyways.. OP, this totally sucks. Everything you own being destroyed by water like that.

don't be an idiot, this post says nothing about a car, not everyone owns a car, therefore, how do you know they own one or not?

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You must not have a lot if you fit it ALL into a hotel room. I'm sorry though.

twinny_sc 13

Maybe they live in like a huge

maybe they should live in the streets. I think they make fireproof boxes

at least you don't have to shower today ;P

their house could be doing major renovations that could take months

rawrkira 3

People who have just moved somewhere new and are still looking for a house to buy.

FFML_314 11

OP lives in a hotel room. I hope that answers your burning question.

stedfastwolf 11

They could be homeless, sometimes the church or the redcross will pay for them to stay at a hotel for a few weeks untill they can find a job and a place to live!

#7 - it happens all the time. In my own case, my Dad was in the military, and we'd often end up in a hotel for a month or so at the beginning or end of postings either because housing wasn't ready, or was needed by someone else. I've also had to live in a hotel for months at a time due to work in other countries. In that case, you don't have everything you own with you, but you certainly take more than normal. The most I've ever had to spend in a hotel was three and a half months, but I know people that have done it for just short of a year.

We lived in a hotel for about a month while we were renovating our home. We didn't have a whole lot there though, just the essentials and a couple laptops. Oh and my father who was dying/died of cancer while we were there. But that's a whole unpublished FML that's probably too long and depressing to fit in the FML character limit.

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Ah, it'll dry in. No biggie. (;