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Today, I'm faced with the prospect of having to defend my sister from a herd of very angry bronies. FML
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Careful, they are worse than a pissed off stallion.


Dreamsorrow93 24

Careful, they are worse than a pissed off stallion.

They are pissed off guys Who love stallions

Mares.. The main characters of MLP are mares.. ( ̄Д ̄)ノ

jentrynicole 20

@#2 And what made them so angry? I have so many questions...

I imagine OP's sister posted a YouTube comment and the neck beard army went ape shit over it.

uglyheadedbitch 20

"I don't like my little pony" is how I'd imagine it would happen

44: One time on Facebook a guy on some page asked me if I watched the show. These are my exact words: "No, I don't. I think it's a bit creepy that anyone older than 8 watches it." Long story short, I had to make a new Facebook account. Not joking. So, your comment seems about right.

It could only occur on the Internet, as 99% of bronzes are too beta to try and fight anyone in real life.

@55 Why didn't you just delete your comment and block the people who commented?

64: It went past that. I kept getting hate messages from fake accounts and stuff. It's annoying having to block people left and right. I ended up deactivating my account, waiting a few months, then making a new one. I was planning on making a different one anyway, so it wasn't that big of a deal to me.

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I have a friend who punched someone in the face for making fun of him.. So 99% is a bit extreme..

I bet she insulted Fluttershy. I've seen people freak out over that. Honestly, I like the show, but I don't obsess over it like this, or make other people feel bad for their opinions

that would be one awkward herd to fight off

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I don't know why they are angry with her, but it's nice of you to stand up for her. You go, OP!

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Good luck OP! You're going to need it.

i would definitely like to hear the background behind this post but good luck either way!

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'Here we see a herd of bronies in their natural habitat. The bronies will fight off and defend against other species with little to no hesitation.'

Queen_of_Night 20

Either throw muffins at them or something to clop to. They'll forget about her completely.

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you are a ******* moron, there is nothing wrong with enjoying any show whatsoever. you probably enjoyed twilight or 50 shades right? now tell me which is truly worse. an innocent colorful cartoon, or straight out ****?

What the ****, 50? How does that have anything to do with this comment? Someone's a bit defensive...

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Someone called his life's obsession over a child's TV program stupid. They get pretty butthurt when that happens.

#50, I pick secret option E: all of those shows are bad On a different note, #67, your picture fits the comment perfectly

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Go to her profile... It says she is one!!

Queen_of_Night 20

Just so you know 50. I do watch and like the show and have friends who are serious bronies. I mean that should be obvious since I referenced muffins i.e. Derpy. That doesn't mean that many Bronies aren't creepy as hell. Less than a week after Season 2 finale aired typing in "Queen Chrysalis" yielded so much ****... So much... weird... hole filled **** *shudder* All I wanted was a reference pic so I could cosplay her (I have cosplayed Fluttershy and Spike as well). But I had to bust out the brain bleach instead. My comment was funny. It's a TV show. Chill.

Just to be safe, give them Clop involving muffins.

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Don't forget the sugar cubes!

This sounds like my idea of fun. Oh, hang on...