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  muchagente  |  5

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  Jonah171  |  12

Muchagente, you weren't that much of a douche before that second comment....

Now, you are a total douche. When you disagree with someone's opinion on here, you can do so without flaming them personally for their pic, name, etc. Then you just look bad.

  buddha313  |  0

Nah. #6 is making valid statements and backing up their comments. Oh, not to mention, totally burning the fool who came at him first. Kudos to you #6.

  afdude87  |  6

cool, glad I'm not friends with either of
you douche bags. oh, and I was in Vegas, you poor jealous moron. self esteem? drinking problems away? lol, yeah right.

  Unlucky_Gun  |  0

Nobody "came at him" first. #6 is just a dumb, trolling douchebag just like you and that's why you get thumbed down, because your dumb enough to agree with someone like #6. Valid statements my ass and he isn't backing up jack squat.

  love98_fml  |  0

Same thing happened to me! My bff strted dtin my ex 2 days after we brke up and wen i tld her i was mad, she got mad at me and thn tld my x and he got mad at me! Fml