By effyou - 10/02/2011 05:16 - United States

Today, my best friend decided to start dating my ex. We broke up yesterday. She also thinks I'm crazy because I'm upset about it. FML
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they were together long before that's why.

6 month rule should be adhered to, at the least. otherwise, not a very good friend.


they were together long before that's why.

I second this. If she thinks you're being irrational about this, I can only imagine how she was throughout your relationship. I say good riddance to both of them!

ur bf is a bitch. Whoop her ass before I do.

i agree. must be the reason behind the break up too.

Obviously her milkshake is better than yours.

Didn't your parents ever teach you to give your old toys to the less fortunate?

6 month rule should be adhered to, at the least. otherwise, not a very good friend.

this exact same thing happened to me. it sucks x[

same thing happened in talledega nights...

me too, and I'm a dude... all the guys say it, "bros before hoes" but no one ever means it.. Friends suck

Same with us girls, "chicks before dicks" doesn't mean crap to anyone. :(

and she is your best friend why exactly

^ so true :/

a friend will help you move. a best friend will help you move dead bodies.

#17 - I second that.

Well, I guess you two are not best friends anymore.

sux, I'd bitch slap her

with a wet trout no less

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you sir, are a douche.

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Muchagente, you weren't that much of a douche before that second comment.... Now, you are a total douche. When you disagree with someone's opinion on here, you can do so without flaming them personally for their pic, name, etc. Then you just look bad.

you don't have to be such a bitch. like seriously.. (I call em' how I see em') a bitch is a bitch.

wow build a bridge and get over it, sounds like u got dump by Ur first girl/boy friend today

#6 is just trolling

Nah. #6 is making valid statements and backing up their comments. Oh, not to mention, totally burning the fool who came at him first. Kudos to you #6.

cool, glad I'm not friends with either of you douche bags. oh, and I was in Vegas, you poor jealous moron. self esteem? drinking problems away? lol, yeah right.

Nobody "came at him" first. #6 is just a dumb, trolling douchebag just like you and that's why you get thumbed down, because your dumb enough to agree with someone like #6. Valid statements my ass and he isn't backing up jack squat.

well that shows what type if friends you have .

Haha, hilarious!

You're crazy for not realising she'd been dating him since before today and they only just decided to tell you about it.

What a good friend you have there. FYL :(

Same thing happened to me! My bff strted dtin my ex 2 days after we brke up and wen i tld her i was mad, she got mad at me and thn tld my x and he got mad at me! Fml