By Anonymous - Australia - Perth
Today, I was at a very important meeting with a client and I had to use the bathroom. I was so nervous that I squirted white soap all up my suit jacket. My client walked in and commented on my "jizzy" blazer. FML
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By  stangbang92  |  17

How does a soap dispenser shoot up? Especially enough to go up your jacket? All the ones now a days go directly down and you have to hit multiple times to even get a drizzle. Just curious.

  CLOTHESPlN  |  17

Maybe his work actually keeps them full (which is rare enough as is), had a fair amount on his/her hands and then quickly brought them together in a clapping motion, causing it to shoot towards their jacket? Just an idea

  Migole  |  36

In my university building, we have dispensers you use with your elbows (similar to the ones at hospitals) with a very small "pipe" going down from the pumping frame. This "pipe" can be bend very easily and thus shoot soap on you (and the opposite bathroom wall).

In addition to that, I know so many different types of dispensers that I'm curious how you might think the Op has exactly that one type at his workplace that you have in mind?

By  9a_1z  |  12

Your client should be pleased you take personal hygiene so seriously that even your blazer gets soaped after a bathroom visit, especially since they'll probably have to shake your hand at some point.