By notenoughsex - 19/03/2009 05:46 - Canada

Today, I saw a video in class about women aged 65+ and their sex lives. An elderly, blind woman was having sex at her senior's home. I don't know what's worse, watching an hour-long documentary on this, or the fact that these women are having way more sex than I am. FML
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What the hell class are you taking?

at least you're not having sex with blind senior citizens


What the hell class are you taking?

Yah I'd like to know too. Because there's clearly something wrong with your school...

You're obviously desperate, maybe you should spend more time volunteering at that particular senior's home.

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Word at #2. lol

at least you're not having sex with blind senior citizens

... at least you'll have something to look forward to when you're a senior citizen? now we all know, that no matter how old we are... we still can get frisky ;-) stop feeling sorry for your lack of sex... get up back on that horse if you're so desperate!

I would be pretty jealous too if I had to watch someone get to have sex with an elderly, blind woman. Lucky...

Go and bang some, don't whine!

Could be worse. You could be the one who has to clean up after said old age activities.

Why does it take old ladies so long to go to the bathroom?... Give up? Ever tried pulling apart a grilled cheese? Zing!

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I still don't get what class you'd be taking to watch a video about Senior Sex Lifestyles, but still not an FML. A Whine About Life but not FML.

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Gee people there are human sexuality courses u can take in college which covers such topics.

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66- then you'd be more interested in the video then finding it disgusting and whining about it on FML.