By Anonymous - 20/11/2009 15:35 - United States

Today, I was walking around in Target with my friends and the guy I've liked for a long time. As we approached the patio section, I sat down on a chair only to hear a big wet watery sound. I got up and realized that I had just sat in some little kid's diarrhea. FML
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thank god you were in a place where you could buy yourself new pants.


EW! I mean that is disgusting and you should have noticed but no one deserves that o_O Complain and get a gift

How do you know it was some little kid? Maybe it was your mom.

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@ 68 Really? People who don't look before they sit down make you sick? I thought it would be terrorists or murderers, but people who don't look before sitting? If that's all it takes you must be in a perpetual state of nausea.

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always check the seat before you sit especially in public

Wow. 68. People who dont look down before they sit make you sick?

I love your comment! Haha... To OP: Ewwww. I absolutely hate it when parents don't clean up after these things happen. =(

Agreed. when I worked in retail a woman left her baby's diaper in the fitting room.

I don't like kids for reasons like this

thank god you were in a place where you could buy yourself new pants.

Hahaha holy shittles I cannot stop laughing. Thanks OP you made my day. I agree with #5. Go buy youself some new pants!

And you didn't see or smell it before you sat down...?

Always look before you sit! Du-uh.... YDI.

How could you not notice that before sitting???

No freakin kidding. How could you have not noticed?

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I'll tell you why she didn't notice -- it wasn't there before she sat down!!! She's blaming "some little kid" for own diarrhea and lack of control of her anal sphincter! I'd hate to be her dog.

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ydi for not looking were you sit, but fyl at the same timee, that would be disgustinggggg.

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I'm pretty sure disgusting has 2 g's

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Aww, nows THATS an FML. Yours and the dude at Target who's job it is to clean that mess up. Sorry kiddo!