By Anonymous - 20/11/2009 15:35 - United States

Today, I was walking around in Target with my friends and the guy I've liked for a long time. As we approached the patio section, I sat down on a chair only to hear a big wet watery sound. I got up and realized that I had just sat in some little kid's diarrhea. FML
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thank god you were in a place where you could buy yourself new pants.

At least you have friends : ) Miss poopular


EW! I mean that is disgusting and you should have noticed but no one deserves that o_O Complain and get a gift

How do you know it was some little kid? Maybe it was your mom.

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@ 68 Really? People who don't look before they sit down make you sick? I thought it would be terrorists or murderers, but people who don't look before sitting? If that's all it takes you must be in a perpetual state of nausea.

so you guys going out now...? ;)

always check the seat before you sit especially in public

Wow. 68. People who dont look down before they sit make you sick?

At least you have friends : ) Miss poopular

I love your comment! Haha... To OP: Ewwww. I absolutely hate it when parents don't clean up after these things happen. =(

Agreed. when I worked in retail a woman left her baby's diaper in the fitting room.

I don't like kids for reasons like this

thank god you were in a place where you could buy yourself new pants.

LMFAOO! and new underwear, too. :p

Hahaha holy shittles I cannot stop laughing. Thanks OP you made my day. I agree with #5. Go buy youself some new pants!

And you didn't see or smell it before you sat down...?

Always look before you sit! Du-uh.... YDI.

How could you not notice that before sitting???

No freakin kidding. How could you have not noticed?

I'll tell you why she didn't notice -- it wasn't there before she sat down!!! She's blaming "some little kid" for own diarrhea and lack of control of her anal sphincter! I'd hate to be her dog.

ydi for not looking were you sit, but fyl at the same timee, that would be disgustinggggg.

I'm pretty sure disgusting has 2 g's

Aww, nows THATS an FML. Yours and the dude at Target who's job it is to clean that mess up. Sorry kiddo!