Yeet him into Bass Pro Shops

By Anonymous - 31/07/2021 14:01

Today, my boyfriend made me feel like shit because I didn’t feel like going fishing, and compared me to his "fake" friends, even though every day for the past two months, I’ve gone every time he’s asked. But anytime I suggest we do something different, he shuts it down. FML
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gendojam 9

Dump him.

He’s a toxic person.


gendojam 9

Dump him.

xxlk4xx 6

I agree! people are allowed to have other interests!

She should cut bait. You should give your advice in fishing lingo.

Marcella1016 31

She should uhh fish or get off the pot. Am I doing it right?

Not quite. You've mixed your metaphors or dangled your participles or something. It might have worked if he challenged her to battle *****.

Ummm...I think it might be time to clean some fish?

You should go, just for the halibut.

He’s a toxic person.

Unless you just love fishing, I think you need to move on from this relationship. It’s great to have common hobbies and interests, but that’s not enough to build a relationship on.

rotflqtms_ 21

So apparently only his interests matter in the relationship? His way or the highway? Heck nah, I would be so out of there if my guy made me feel like crap for not wanting to go fishing but yet never goes to anything I want to go to. Fishing is an all day thing too. Heck nah. I never went, but I'm assuming it's hella boring. (Would be for me. Some find it relaxing.) If my interests don't matter as much as his, we are not in an equal relationship and it's not worth it.

Dump that little bitch.

Lydmyers 9

Don't feel like shit for having the same expectations of him, that be does of you. in fact, stop going fishing with him until things are abit more even on the playing field.

You need a new boyfriend, he is an ass.

toxic! runaway